Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Kate Upton Kicks Bill DeBlasio's Ass

. . . with some help from Demi Moore's former pet (and Mila Kunis's current squeeze) and some gay guy.

Kate Upton, Neil Patrick Harris, Ashton Kutcher lead Twitter war on Mayor de Blasio over controversial bill that would cap Uber’s growth
The “Game of War” vixen went to battle with Mayor de Blasio over the Uber ride-sharing service, part of a social media surge — combined with some Albany influence — that ended in a City Hall surrender.

“Why do you want to return to days when only those in Midtown & Lower Manhattan could get a ride?” Upton tweeted to the mayor as the City Council considered a proposal that would limit the company’s growth for one year.
No support from the cab companies or cab drivers required, I'm sure.

De Blasio ultimately backed down from his Uber cap proposal in favor of a four-month traffic study, but not before a flock of famous people flooded the Twitterverse with missives about jobs and competition.

Using the hashtag UberMovesNYC, Uber supporters, including actors Neil Patrick Harris and Ashton Kutcher, joined everyday New Yorkers in a drive to keep the cab competitors on the road.

“25K new residents use @Uber_NYC each week. How is a fixed # of cars supposed to serve this demand for rides?” Harris wrote.

Kutcher had engaged in an ongoing Twitter rant beginning Sunday, lambasting Hizzoner in more than 20 posts.
I agree with Instapundit that Republicans should come to the aid of new start ups like Uber.  Let the democrats defend the dying industries that supply them with graft and reliable union votes.

Besides, who do you want on your side, Bill DeBlasio or Kate Upton?

For what it's worth, I've never used Uber, I have no smart phone with which to summon a car with, and I have no idea if any significant number of them serve our area.

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