Wednesday, July 29, 2015, The Only Way to Fly

William Teach at Pirate's Cove takes on Hillary's climate change hypocrisy:

Woman Who Made Massive Fossil Fueled Travel An Accomplishment Really Worried About Climate Change
The question here is, is Hillary Clinton serious about “climate change”, or is she just pandering to the unhinged Lefty base? While she has included Hotcoldwetdry in negotiations and pronouncements previously, she has never seemed very passionate about the issue. During her time at State, it seemed more of a box check and an extension of Obama’s beliefs
(Bloomberg) Hillary Clinton on Sunday set two “bold national goals” to combat climate change, promising that if she’s elected president, she would set the United States on a path toward producing enough clean renewable to power every home in America within a decade.
She would also initiate a process that would bring the total number of solar panels installed nationwide to more than half a billion before the end of her first term, her campaign said in a fact sheet released Sunday as it also posted a video in which Clinton lays out her ambitions.
“We cannot wait any longer” to act on climate change, the Democratic front-runner says in the video. “It’s time we stand for a healthier climate, stand for cleaner air, for science, for innovation, for our children, for reality, for the future.”
. . . Says the woman who flew almost a million miles during her tenure at State, and considered that to be a Major Accomplishment. And will take quite a bit of fossil fueled flights and auto travel as she runs for President.
Hillary Clinton boarding private jet just hours after launching global-warming push – and she's using a FRENCH aircraft that burns 347 gallons of fuel every hour! 
Just hours after Hillary Clinton unveiled her presidential campaign's push to solve global warming through an aggressive carbon-cutting plan, she sauntered up the steps of a 19-seat private jet in Des Moines, Iowa.
. . .
The Trump-esque transportation costs $5,850 per hour to rent, according to the website of Executive Fliteways, the company that owns it. And she has used the same plane before, including on at least one trip for speeches that brought her $500,000 in fees.
Want to bet whether those jet rentals are provided by the the Clinton Foundation, through it's generous donors?

Do as we hyper-intelligent elites tell you to do, and not as we do, for the planets sake.

ABC News ‘Reporter’ Whines That Corrupt Clinton’s E-mail Scandal ‘Just Won’t Go Away’
Well, it keeps going away (in the media, that is), but her likely criminal behavior keeps emerging. Despite the media’s best efforts, Grandma’s got a lot of problems, and it’s not the GOP’s fault.

Sorry, toots.
On Sunday, reporters on ABC’s Good Morning America and This Week repeatedly complained that the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail while at the State Department “won’t go away.”
On GMA, ABC’s Clinton reporter Cecilia Vega labeled the scandal “e-mailgate” before she whined to George Stephanopoulos that the story “just won’t go away.” The ABC reporter then sympathetically questioned whether or not the story was “hurting her out there on the trail?”
Here’s a radical idea: Why don’t you go out and ask people? Crazy thought, huh?
Why Hillary Clinton’s numbers are down in the states that matter

Because she's a lousy politician, and an even worse human being?

Hopefully she won't be able to fool enough people long enough to get elected.

The ever sensible Megan McArdle on Hillary's plan to raise taxes on short-term capital gains: What Clinton's Capital Gains Plan Won't Do
Hillary Clinton does not like short-term investments. This I gather from her recent pronouncements upon the subject, and also, her new plans to tax capital gains on a sliding scale depending on how long you hold the asset. I have one thought about this proposal, and it is this: "Why?"

There are two arguments you can make about the war on capital gains. The first is that tax rates on capital may not really matter much. But if that's the case, then what's the argument for the sliding scale? If it doesn't matter, then it's OK to jack up the tax rate, but your sliding scale is not going to noticeably affect "short-termism" in public corporations.

The other possibility is that it matters a lot. In that case the sliding scale will make a big difference. But the case for jacking up the top rate to 40 percent for stocks held less than two years looks considerably weaker. This is basic Econ 101.

Actually, I endorse a third view: On the margin, it's probably going to affect investment if you raise capital gains taxes by a lot -- and nonetheless, this is not going to do much to shift the incentives toward longer-term thinking at companies. That's because Clinton seems to fundamentally misunderstand the reason that public companies are so focused on short-term results that impact their stock price, rather than longer-term growth. To the extent that you think this phenomenon is real, and a problem, the issue is not that American investors, for reasons known only to themselves, have developed the attention spans of gnats. Instead, I'd argue that the problem is the massive shift toward institutional management of equity assets.
. . .Taking out a large chunk of technical stuff about how institutional management of portfolios diminishes the impact of the proposal in real life. . .
So this proposal will not much affect the incentives of two-thirds of the market. I doubt the tax incentives of the one-third that is left are going to substantially alter the behavior of CEOs and corporate boards.

But that does not mean that this tax will have no impact. It can still very much impact the incentives of people to invest money outside of tax-advantaged retirement funds and nonprofit endowments. So you have here a policy that might impede capital formation -- hurting growth, not helping it -- while doing nothing to fix the problem at which it is targeted. Again, I ask: "Why?"

Of course, I do know the answer to that question. Hillary Clinton is running for office. Voters are unlikely to parse the effects on capital markets, if the sound-bite version sounds good to them.
So, basically Hillary is willing to trash the economic system to get elected. But we already knew that.

'Hillary must NEVER become President', says the woman who exposed Bill's affair with Monica. Former Clinton West Wing assistant Linda Tripp says Democratic contender is a liar who treats the public with contempt

Just the bullet points.
  • Linda Tripp, now 65, was a civil servant who had a ringside seat during Clinton's administration with office directly adjacent to Hillary's 
  • She exposed President Clinton affair with Monica because it was the culmination of years of so much corruption
  • Although she was vilified for her role in the scandal, she breaks years of silence to tell Daily Mail Online she would do it again
  • During the bimbo eruptions Hillary 'destroyed women so that their stories never saw the light of day,' Tripp says
  • She went from being a lackluster First Lady with unimpressive approval numbers to First Victim
  • Hillary will stop at nothing to achieve her end - the Presidency - and see the public as plebians easily seduced into believing her, says Tripp

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