Sunday, July 19, 2015

Marty O'Malley Booed Offstage at Democratic Event

O’Malley booed off stage at Netroots Nation after saying “all lives matter”
The first, and probably biggest loser of the day was Martin O’Malley, who showed up there and foolishly began talking about things like income inequality and prison reform. The crowd wanted none of it and began chanting, “Black Lives Matter” until O’Malley was silenced and the stage was given over to a “Black Lives Matter activist” who explained that they didn’t need to hear about those other things. That’s when O’Malley attempted to respond and foolishly uttered the one phrase which will get you hounded to the ends of the Earth with that crowd. (From The Guardian)
His words were greeted by heckling.
O’Malley tried to respond, saying: “This is … let me … sure. I’ll just share with you … I’m trying to respond as best I can. No … hey. Look … I know, I know.”
Vargas said: “What just happened there? I’m so lost.”
O’Malley switched to an inclusive tack. He said: “Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter.”
He was greeted, repeatedly, by booing.
Yes, Martin O’Malley stood in front of the Netroots Nations crowd and dared to say “all lives matter.” He compounded the error to an infinite degree by including, “white lives matter.” In retrospect, I’m rather shocked that he got out of there with all of his skin intact.
Bernie Sanders also came under some fire for not being sufficiently obeisant to the "Black Lives Matter" crowd.
Sanders began a prepared introduction – as had been delivered by O’Malley – talking about policies, including media bias and the need for a raised minimum wage. Chants of “black lives matter” and either “save our men” or “say her name” then broke out again.

“Black lives of course matter,” Sanders said. “I spent 50 years of my life fighting for civil rights and dignity, but if you don’t want me to be here that’s OK. I don’t want to out-scream people.”
Ah yes, Netroots Nation. You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Hillary Clinton found an excuse to skip the event, which suggests that she (or at least her handlers) may be the smartest one on the Democratic side.

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