Monday, July 20, 2015

Fishing Early to Beat the Heat

Sunrise over the eastern shore
Trevor and I left the dock a little after 5:30 in an effort to beat the heat and catch a few fish unawares after a night's fasting. It was still 80 F out, and humid, but quite tolerable with a slight (and rising) south breeze.

Looking south from "Location X"

The sunrise wasn't spectacular, thanks to a pretty thick bank of clouds early. However, the clouds slowed the heating so it stayed tolerable the whole time.

The largest flock of cormorants
I've seen on the water

Fishing was not spectacular either; one might even call it bad. We caught only 3 fish, only one of which made this years 20 inch lower size limit. Trevor had a 9:15 AM appointment, so we left around 8 so he had plenty of time to spare.
But it was a pretty morning out, and the boat ran well, so there's that.

It's 93 in the shade here now and rising.

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