Monday, July 27, 2015

Drip, Drip, Drip at

This is interesting. I knew no love was wasted between the Obama and the Clinton camps but this put a whole new light on it:

Hillary faces dangerous enemy in the Obama administration
The news that two inspectors general from the Obama administration want the Justice Department to investigate her handling of classified material is a potential game changer. For many Democrats, it will serve as final proof she is ­fatally flawed.

Her standing will further erode, turning her coronation plans into a long, hot summer. The drip, drip, drip of details will produce new polls showing a bleeding of support, which will entice other candidates into the race. Look for Vice President Joe Biden to jump in soon, and lefty Sen. Elizabeth Warren might also take the leap.

Meanwhile, Clinton must play ­defense against her former colleagues in the State Department and intelligence agencies.

Actually, it’s worse. She’s almost certainly up against the White House.

Somebody very high in the food chain leaked the memos requesting the probe. The New York Times, which broke the story, identified its source only as “a senior government official.”  My money is on Valerie Jarrett, the Obamas’ Rasputin, who is known to despise Clinton. If it was Jarrett, she would not do this against the president’s wishes.

That also would be true for any “senior government official” who leaked the memos. Targets don’t get any bigger than Hillary Clinton, so this was not a rogue operation. This was an approved hit.
ValJ huh? If you're going to make enemies, make good ones.

Watchdogs: Clinton emails 'never' should’ve been sent on private system
Two government watchdogs at the center of an investigation over Hillary Clinton’s personal email server say she shouldn’t have sent classified information over her private system while serving as secretary of State.

“This classified information should never have been transmitted via an unclassified personal system,” the inspectors general for the State Department and intelligence community said in a joint statement on Friday.

On Thursday, the inspector general of the intelligence community told Congress in a letter that at least four emails out of a small sampling of 40 from Clinton’s server should have been classified as "secret."
That has been my contention from the beginning. Whether or not "secret" emails traveled through Clinton.coms "secret" server, it should never have been used to conduct her email activity. It's simply too fat a target for espionage, and the knowing all the traffic going through her office would simply be irresistible to foreign spies.

Rand Paul: "Clintons think they live above the law"
Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said Sunday that the latest questions surrounding Hillary Clinton's email habits while serving as secretary of state show that "the Clintons think they live above the law."

The Justice Department confirmed Friday it had received a request to investigate Clinton's email account after a report by the inspectors general of the State Department and the Intelligence Community found that her private email account "hundreds of potentially classified emails" in it.

In an interview on "Face the Nation" Sunday, Paul said, "This isn't a bunch of Republicans making a political point, this is President Obama's government saying she may have released classified information."
Sadly, so far the evidence supports the Clinton's belief. As long as the Obama Justice Department continues to block any efforts at real investigation and prosecution, it's likely they will get away with it in the the legal sense, even if she pays a political price.

Hillary: capitalism needs a “reset”
As the Wall Street Journal reports, this is far more about window dressing and hitting the right buzzwords than any sort of startling new ideas about reform.
Campaign advisers say Mrs. Clinton’s goal is chiefly to change investor behavior, not to address income inequality or to raise money for the federal Treasury. The campaign had no estimate on how much money her changes would generate.
That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. Clinton is still worried about losing the Elizabeth Warren wing of her party to upstarts like Bernie Sanders and she knows she needs to sneak in all the right buzz phrases. Income inequality and sticking it to the fat cats on Wall Street is the red meat the base is craving so she’s going to serve it up. (Which is rather hilarious considering Clinton’s long and well documented history of cronyism and tight ties to the investment banking community.)
You think she would be more careful with the word "reset" after her wildly unsuccessful effort to mend American Russian relations with a "reset" button.

DNC speaks to EMPTY College Democrat event...
Emphasizing the importance of Millennial voters in upcoming elections, progressive activists spoke to a nearly empty auditorium at the College Democrats of America annual conference on Friday.

Despite offering a full day of activities, speakers like Julian Castro, and campaigning advice from top political operatives, the College Democrats of America were barely able to fill the first couple rows with young attendees.

No one interested in 'Young Americans for Hillary' party...
Every party has a party pooper and judging by this flyer, it’s Hillary Clinton.

Here’s an untouched flyer advertising a “Young Americans for Hillary”event for students, indicating there isn’t much energy for Hillary Clinton’s campaign among the youth in New Hampshire.

A photo of a flyer was posted on Twitter Friday for the party in Manchester, New Hampshire today. . .
Hence the need to get as many illegal immigrants voting as possible. 

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