Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sighting Confirmed!

The other day, as Georgia and I were getting ready jump in the car to go to the beach, this briefly landed on my back, and then on the garage door frame:

That's Georgia's finger poking it in an attempt to get it to fully open it's wings, which it never quite did, but it was remarkably calm about the whole thing.

Initially, I just thought it was an Eastern Comma, but the more I stared at the little white mark in question, the more I was convinced it was a Question Mark, a closely related, and very similar butterfly (see here for a side to side comparison), which is also native to this region.

I submitted these photos to for identification, and today, the word came back that it was, indeed, a Question Mark, making the 51st species of butterfly I've found since I started this obsession back in 2011.
Your sighting has been accepted, and your regional coordinator has verified your submission as Polygonia interrogationis. Your sighting is now represented on the map on the species page: The sighting details page is available here:

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