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Election Day in Virginia!

Due to a plethora of posts, I'm going to restrict this to just direct Virginia Gubernator election material, and first, I'll get these out of the way, two of my main sources of links, the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.01.21 and JJ Sefton's The Morning Report - 11/2/21 at Ace's. Maybe I'll get around to the other election stuff later...Maybe.

Da Wire claims to know Everything You Need To Know About The Virginia Gubernatorial ElectionThe Biggest Race Of The Year. Seems a little skimpy to me. Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, CBS: Don't look now, but Youngkin has VA polling lead, and from NR, Sabato’s Crystal Ball Shifts Virginia Gubernatorial Race to ‘Leans Republican’, but Sister Toldja at Red State notices Larry Sabato Disgraces Himself on MSNBC in Rant on Virginia Governor's Race. Breitbart, Poll: Republican Glenn Youngkin Leads Democrat Terry McAuliffe Day Before Virginia Election.  AllahPundit  at Haut Hair whines that McAuliffe cancels election eve event in Virginia Beach as forecasters move state to "lean Republican". The wisdom of the betting masses, from Fox, Virginia governor's race: Bettors sour on McAuliffe as Youngkin surges. Don Surber, McAuliffe says 3 words that admit defeat. "not about Trump." At JTN, Spoiler? Third-party candidate for Virginia governor gives left-leaning voters another option "Princess Blanding is running in the newly formed Liberation Party" and at The Center Square, Third-party candidate for Virginia governor gives left-leaning voters another option. Also at JTN, Trump: If my base turns out to vote for Youngkin, he will win VA gubernatorial race ""I think he should win," Trump said of Glenn Youngkin." Althouse read Politico, "McAuliffe told a modest crowd outside a Fairfax brewery Monday night at his final rally. 'He is doing an event with Donald Trump here in Virginia.' That was a lie."

And he keeps digging, Twitchy, Terry McAuliffe wraps up his campaign by inviting AFT President Randi Weingarten to speak. Democrat pundits are already making excuses for his loss, at CNN, Why Democrats are in a lot of trouble in Virginia, Bidens unpopularity. Wapoo, Virginia went big for Biden, but on eve of another pivotal election, many voters say Democrats have not delivered for them But Lowder with Crowder catches a WaPoo Reporter, Jonathan Capehart.  Already Blaming 'Whiteness' McAuliffe Loss  on TV.  From Fox, McAuliffe calls for Virginia to 'diversify' teacher base, citing percentage of White teachers, "McAuliffe lamented that 80% of Virginia teachers are White even though 50% of students are non-White". Nick Arama at Red State thinks McAuliffe Put a Final Stake in His Campaign With Remarks About White Teachers, and sundance at CTH, VA Governors Race – Candidate Terry McAuliffe Closing Message, We Have Too Many White Teachers. Across da Pond at Da Mail, Democratic governor candidate Terry McAuliffe abruptly CANCELS rally on the eve of Virginia vote after he said state had too many white teachers and Glenn Youngkin took a 1% lead in race that could deal a huge blow to Biden. But Althouse catches  McAuliffe accusing Youngkin of racist dog whistling. Pot, Kettle. Insty, EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY. . . as mcAuliffe campaign blocks reporters. Fox, Glenn Youngkin: Parents matter in education – Virginia election will decide fate of students, schools. Anxious is anxious that Loudoun county that could decide Virginia's governor race.

Mediate cites Newt Gingrich Spreads Doubts About Virginia Election: If It’s a Close Race, Democrats Will ‘Steal It’. I too hope it's beyond the margin of fraud. According to the WSJ, cited at Haut Hair, Tight race in Virginia tests dueling party strategies,. At Da Mail,  Trump calls his critics 'perverts', attacks Fox News for running 'fake' ads' on Glenn Youngkin and questions Virginia's election 'integrity' before make-or-break gubernatorial vote tomorrow, Newt, Youngkin vs. McAuliffe: Two Opposing Strategies, calling your opponent racist, or proposing to fix education. Fox, McAuliffe backtracks days before election, says governor's race is 'not about Trump': 'Significant shift'  AllahPunit, who want everything to be about Tump, whom he hates,  whines On second thought: This Virginia race isn't about Trump, says McAuliffe

But for some interesting interblogger wafare, a rant by Ace, Vice: The Lincoln Project Only Admitted Their Role in the Charlottesville Race Hoax Because We Were About to Out Them in which he went off on AllahPundit (yet again).

The management of Hot Air needs to admit that AllahPundit is a left-liberal Democrat partisan, as the Washington Post was ultimately forced, out of embarrassment, to stop Jen Rubin from calling herself a "conservative" blogger. They don't have to fire him, but they do have to acknowledge his actual political affiliation as a very partisan left liberal.

They can't continue letting him claim all the biggest, grabbiest stories and letting him smear them with leftwing spin while claiming this constitutes a "conservative view" of the news.

And got some backup from Stacy McCain, on the Controlled Opposition: Has AllahPundit Always Been a Democrat Trojan Horse?

You can read the whole thing. Lately, Ace has been ripping Allah at least once a day, five days a week, and I fondly recall the days — circa 2007 or so — when it seemed like Ace was just kind of nudging around with Allah, like buddies playing the dozens, but more recently it has become apparent to me that Ace really hates Allah’s guts. And why?

Because AllahPundit is not, and really never has been, a team player.

Like football, politics is a team sport. Just turn on CNN sometime, and see them all shaking their media pompoms for Team Democrat. We know what team they’re on, and we want to beat that team. The whole point of conservative journalism is to do a Mark Gastineau-style sack dance on the faces of those dishonest liberal media hacks.

For more on Tiki-gate, Jim Treacher on substack, Tiki Torches and "Let's Go, Brandon": The Dems Have Lost Their Minds, WSJ, cited at Haut Hair, A campaign dirty trick in Virginia, Fox, Multiple outlets ripped for referring to Lincoln Project as 'Republicans', "Disgraced political group admitted role in Youngkin political stunt. " Miranda Devine at NYPo, The media needs to ignore ‘Lincoln’ liars, and the Victory Girls, Lincoln Project Stunt In Virginia Creates Blowback. Da Tech Guy has Five Very Quick #tikigate thoughts Under the Fedora

Did you notice how fast all the organs of the left were to jump on this story when it took place? How coordinated all the responses were and how perfect the angles of the various shots used were for the purpose of disinformation? Yup this had nothing to do with the McAuliffe campaign at all.

Matt Vespa, Liberal Reporter's Thread Hurls a Brick in the Face of CNN and Their Anti-Misinformation Crusade - Gleen Grenwalt, "CNN's primary marketing claim is it is devoted to combating disinformation and lies. Yesterday, @ProjectLincoln perpetrated a racist fraud on, one that caused Fake News and lies to spread all over social media. CNN did not wait even one day to put the LP scumbags back on air."

At the Wa Free Bee, GOP Senator Probes Virginia Utility’s Shady Push To Boost McAuliffe, "Dominion Energy funded mailer aimed at suppressing GOP votes"

Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.), in a letter to Dominion chief executive officer Robert Blue, asked the company to disclose whether Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe was aware of the $250,000 it spent on his behalf, and whether anything was promised in return for the spending blitz. The cash from Dominion, which is the only option for most Virginia residents, was used on an ad campaign to convince likely Republican voters to stay home because Youngkin wasn't strong enough on the Second Amendment, according to a report from Axios.

Cotton called it "likely the first time a public utility has spent ratepayers' money to suppress voting."

Dominion apologized after the spending effort was revealed by Axios and said it asked Accountability Virginia PAC, the liberal group that sent the mailers for Dominion, for a refund.

For those interest in this sort of thing (I'm not), sundance has the video of Glenn Youngkin's Wrap-up Rally, Loudoun County Fairgrounds

Breitbart warns, Virginia Sees Record Early Voting Numbers Ahead of Gubernatorial Election, so no need to find boxes of mail-in votes lost until after the votes are counted and Youngkin ekes out a victory?

With the increasing enthusiasm and an education-focused election, these numbers could foreshadow good news on election day in Virginia for Youngkin. If most Democrats vote early and Youngkin wins the Republican vote and keeps his lead among independent voters, he would be in good shape in the election. However, if Democrats can continue their early voting patterns into election day, McAuliffe will likely be successful on Tuesday.

Stacy McCain, It’s On You, Virginia. Who's going to win and who's going to whine? I predict claims of fraud and demands for audits. But by which side? Stay tuned. 

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