Sunday, June 6, 2021

On The Way Home

Halfway home, at Sideling Hill, we stopped at the rest area to pee and switch drivers. The buzz of the Brood X cicadas, which have Washington D.C. all a flitter was omnipresent, and the black, clumsy things were flying around all over.

They stayed with us until we pass the Calvert Count line coming south, and then petered out a few miles south. In some places, you could hear the cicadas even through the highway noise, in our closed car.  The car was pretty thoroughly splattered with bug goo by the time we reached Prince Frederick, and at Georgia's suggestion, we stopped at a car wash to get off the worst of it.

Here in lower Calvert County, we have Brood II cicadas, last seen in 2013, and due in 2030.
On the way down, Georgia suggested some sight seeing along the C&O Canal track. We got off the highway at a sign that promised McCoy's Ferry, and after a short drive down a small twisty road, we found a nice campground and boat ramp on the Potomac River, and no sign of a ferry, which apparently long gone.

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