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Election 2020: Feelings, Nothing More than Feelings

The case of the quotes manufactured by WaPoo, and spread liberally (pun completely intended) around by other media outlets continues to reverberate. Matt Margolis at PJ Media reports how the Washington Post Outs the Source Behind the Fake Trump Quotes

“The Washington Post reported on the substance of Trump’s Dec. 23 call in January, describing him saying that [Georgia election investigator Frances] Watson should ‘find the fraud’ and that she would be a ‘national hero,’ based on an account from Jordan Fuchs, the deputy secretary of state, whom Watson briefed on his comments,” the Washington Post‘s Erik Wemple reported Tuesday.

Fuchs defended her actions, saying that her words were an interpretation, and not meant to be direct quotes.

“I believe the story accurately reflected the investigator’s interpretation of the call. The only mistake here was in the direct quotes, and they should have been more of a summary,” Fuchs told Wemple. “I think it’s pretty absurd for anybody to suggest that the president wasn’t urging the investigator to ‘find the fraud.’ These are quotes that [Watson] told me at the time.”

Fuchs was not identified in the original story, but referred to as “an individual familiar with the call who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the conversation.”

So the WaPoo quoted the feelings of somebody who heard, but was not a party, to the call. Sort of like the Vindman affair. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.17.21 (Morning Edition) Liz Sheld at Am Great, Morning Greatness: Washington Post Exposed as Gossipy Tabloid Hacks…Again. and Weasel Zippers: Audio Shows Washington Post Lied About Trump/Georgia Phone Call. Matt Palumbo at Bongino, Georgia Deputy Secretary of State Outed as Source of Fake Trump Quotes in Washington Post Story. InstySOMETHING IS ROTTEN IN THE GEORGIA SECRETARY OF STATE’S OFFICE:

“WaPo may point to its correction as proof that the paper tries to hold itself accountable, but an honest outlet would have never run the story in the first place. Plus, these corrections never get nearly the same amount of coverage as the initial, false article. The result is an even further divided populace: one side that is angry about a story that is untrue, and the other that is angry at repeatedly being lied to by the media. The former president is right: this is not good for democracy.”

 Ace, The Same Staffer That Made the Recording of Trump's Call to the Georgia Secretary of State Also Leaked a Falsified Version of the Call to the Washington Post?

Of course, we're all wondering if this same person then deleted the only copy of the phone call recording, so that her falsified account of the call could never be refuted by comparison with the actual recording.

What the fuck is going on in the Georgia Secretary of State office?

This is what I was thinking about when I wondered why "Republicans" go along with shit like Stacy Abrams "count every illegal vote" plan -- what racial blackmail material do Democrats have on these miscreants?

The unsinkable Molly Hemingway at Da Fed, Media’s Entire Georgia Narrative Is Fraudulent, Not Just The Fabricated Trump Quotes recounts the long history of fishiness in the Georgia election. Read it all. 

Natalie Winters at TNP, ABC, PBS Refuse On-Air Retraction Of Fake ‘Find The Fraud’ Trump Call, of course. Michael Walsh at ET, American Media and Old Soviet Media Are Now Peas in a Pod

A better headline for the Post’s “correction,” of course, would be “Washington Post irresponsibly publishes false story based on malicious hearsay,” but that would be a bridge too far for the Democratic operatives currently masquerading as journalists at newspapers such as the Post and The New York Times. In the interest of pursuing their shared political and social objectives, the major media have aligned their fortunes with the Democrats’, and now no longer even pay lip service to the industry’s former ideals of impartiality and fairness.

Matt Margolis again, Trump Vindicated as Judge Rules Michigan Secretary of State Violated Election Laws. Tristan Justice at Da Fed, Judge Rules Michigan Secretary Of State Violated State Law With Absentee Ballot Order. Ace, Michigan Judge: Yes, the Democrat Secretary of State's Illegal Order to Accept Dodgy Ballots Was Illegal "Trump was right." But, of course, there's no remedy. The certification of the state for Biden remains, although there ought to be and asterisk after it. A few more such asterisks and we can certify the election as fraudulent. Somebody should go to jail. The Michigan Sec. of State would be a good start.

Buzzfeed whines Hundreds Of People Who Joined The Capitol Riot May Never Face Charges . You mean like Antifa? Andrea Paquet at Am Think on Criminalizing Protest at the Capitol. At TNP, CAPITOL RIOT: Fresh Details Confirm Trump & SecDef Pushed To Deploy National Guard While “Optics” Fears Followed Leftist Outrage Over BLM Riot Policing.

According to the latest information: “The Army ultimately relented after facing pressure from acting defense secretary Christopher C. Miller and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark A. Milley, and realizing that District officials weren’t going to turn to the Justice Department for help instead, as the Army had wanted.”

In other words, the Army resisted demands from senior Trump administration officials including the Defense Secretary. Until they caved, at least.

Not only does this raise questions over people who tried to ignore the chain of command, but over the entire official narrative and ongoing rationale (or lack-thereof) for the fortifications around the Capitol.

 At Ace's Morning Rant

For those of you not up to speed on this, Tucker Carlson poked a hornets' nest the other day when he criticized the military for introducing flight suits (worn by pilots engaging in combat operations) for visibly pregnant women. The reaction by the Department of Defense was swift and fierce: posted an article celebrating how “Press Secretary Smites Host that Dissed Diversity in the U.S. Military.” Carlson did nothing of the kind. He took issue with sending pregnant women to war, which is what is implied by designing flight suits for pregnant women.

Press Spokesman John Kirby, who knows better as a retired public affairs Navy admiral, could have issued a simple correction saying, “No, the U.S. military does not send pregnant women to war. Pilots may wear flight suits in day-to-day duties stateside and this does not imply we send pregnant women to war.” Instead, he chose to excoriate Carlson for what Carlson did not say, which was that women should not be sent to fight our nation’s wars.
You might notice that the military spokesmen are using the motte-and-bailey ruse to dishonestly attack Carlson. But more importantly, why go after Carlson at all? He's just a political commentator on cable TV. The military's job is to defend the country. How trying to silence Tucker Carlson contributes to this is not clear. But this was a coordinated social media attack on Carlson with the intent of shutting him up.

Also fresh from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.17.21 (Morning Edition) This Ain’t Hell: NG Troops Not Really Wanted In WDC, also, Tucker Draws Military Ire Part II, Ed Driscoll at Insty, KURT SCHLICTER ON THE AFTERMATH OF OPERATION TUCKER: Our Military Suffers Yet Another Defeat… This Time to Tucker Carlson.

Here’s a fun fact: Tucker Carlson, over whom a bunch of senior military officers tossed 240 years of non-partisanship out the window in order to chide for pointing out their myriad failures, has won just as many wars as our generals have during the last twenty years. He has also lost fewer wars. . .

Da Blaze, Guam's Democratic delegate rebuked for dragging National Guard soldiers to GOP lawmaker's office to make political point.  Breitbart, Backlash as Congressman Marches National Guard on Rep. Greene’s Office — ‘We Stop This or America is Done’

@DeptofDefense is being politicized,” wrote House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. “Uniformed service members recently criticized a private citizen for his First Amendment rights, & today a Dem lawmaker used soldiers in a political stunt against a GOP member.”

@SecDef Austin—This sets a dangerous precedent,” he added. “It must stop now.”

AllahPundit at Hot Hair whines Uh Oh: Pelosi, House Dems Starting To Push For Filibuster Exception To Pass H.R. 1. You stupid shit, you should have thought about that before you pushed voting for Biden. Tristan Justice at Da Fed (again), West Virginia Voters Overwhelmingly Want Joe Manchin To Oppose Democrats’ Massive Voting Power Grab. Allah sighs, Endgame For H.R. 1? I Won’t Make Special Exceptions To The Filibuster For Topics Like Voting Rights, Says Manchin. We'll see.

I wonder if she knows her pants are ripped? 

I was going to use Albert Morris' "Feelings" but this is a lot more fun.

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