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Election 2020: No MAGA Need Apply


Lloyd Billingsley at Front Page describes how the Garland-Wray Axis Exploits January 6 to Criminalize Dissent

According to Garland, nationwide BLM-Antifa violence does not qualify as terrorism because it took place at night. So if Timothy McVeigh had detonated his bomb at midnight, he too would have escaped the domestic terrorist tag. So much for the great legal mind all attorneys general are supposed to display.

For Garland, job one will be prosecution of those involved in the “heinous attack” of January 6, in which no bombs were detonated and the only people with guns were the police. One cop gunned down Air Force veteran and Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt, but Garland appears unconcerned about that police shooting.

The January 6 mob, Garland says, “sought to disrupt a cornerstone of our democracy.” No word about James Comey, Peter Strzok, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr, and others who attempted to take down duly elected president Donald Trump. Not a single major player faced any criminal charges. FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith forged a document but got no jail time from judge James Boasberg, who doubles as presiding judge of the FISA court.
The more I hear about Garland, the more grateful I am to Mitch McConnell for keeping him off the high court. Sundance at CTH, Federal Judge Scolds Politically Activist DOJ For Media Statements, Interviews and Leaks
AG Merrick Garland takes-over exactly where Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, Eric Holder and DAG Rod Rosenstein left off. However, this time a federal judge is warning the DOJ the actions of the justice department are compromising their case, and he will take action against the department’s lawyers if this continues.

WASHINGTON – U.S. District Court Judge Amit Mehta said during a court hearing conducted by phone and Zoom he was “surprised” to see Michael Sherwin, the former acting U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, and other officials discussing the pending investigation into the insurrection in interviews with the New York Times and CBS’s 60 Minutes.

“I was surprised — and I’m being restrained in my use of terminology — surprised, to say the least, to see Mr. Sherwin sitting for an interview about a pending case in an ongoing criminal investigation. Whether his interview violated Justice Department policy is really not for me to say, but it is something I hope the Department of Justice is looking into,” the judge said. “As for the New York Times story, I found it troubling that sources within the Department of Justice were detailing the possibility of additional charges in a pending criminal case in an ongoing criminal investigation. I have little doubt that anonymously divulging internal department deliberations is contrary to department policy.”

[…] “No matter how much press attention this matter gets, let me be clear that these defendants are entitled to a fair trial, not one that is conducted in the media,” Mehta said. “They are also entitled to defend against charges that are actually brought against them, not speculation about what might or might not be coming. … The fact is, these types of statements in the media have the potential of affecting the jury pool and the rights of these defendants, and the government, quite frankly, in my view, should know better.” (read more)

 Also from Sundance, Prosecutors Now Backing Away from Statements and Charges Against January 6th Protestors. The process is the penalty. And  House Intelligence Committee Republicans Deeply Concerned About Politically Weaponized Intelligence Community I would hope so.

Virginia Kruta at Da Caller, ‘I Can’t Serve My Country Anymore’: Former DEA Agent Says He Was Fired For Attending Jan. 6 Rally

“I never even stepped foot on the stairs to the Capitol building. I wasn’t going to go to the rally that day. A friend I served in Iraq with asked me to help him get there for documentation purposes and we were just spectators,” Ibrahim said. “When the crowd began to be hostile towards law enforcement, me being law enforcement myself, I started to document everything. Via my friend, we handed everything over to the FBI so those criminals could face justice.”

Once Ibrahim returned home to Los Angeles, his badge and gun were taken from him. “I was escorted off the premise to my apartment like a criminal. And I was fired after being suspended for two months. For performance issues,” he said.

Carlson asked whether the action was even legal, tying Ibrahim’s termination to the “ideological purge” that he said was happening in the military. “Don’t we have civil service laws that protect career federal employees from being fired for their political beliefs? I thought we did?” Carlson asked.

“I hope we do, too. I mean, I was there with my brother. He is an FBI special agent. And no adverse action was taken against him, as it shouldn’t. As it shouldn’t have happened to me. And, you know, they got it wrong,” Ibrahim continued. “Me and my brother both served in the Army. I followed him into federal law enforcement. My sister is a Navy veteran. My mom was in the Pentagon on 9/11. And I’m the son of two immigrants who left oppressive regimes. And, you know, my mom instilled in me a debt we owe this country for the liberties and freedoms, they are not free. So, just the saddest part about this is I can’t serve my country anymore.”
Revolver, Dark New Dem Bill Uses “Counter American Intelligence” To Wage War on MAGA
For the past two months, a Democrat Congressional coalition has been backing a terrifying bill to bar anyone who has ever believed in “conspiracy theories” from holding a security clearance.

This so-called “Security Clearance Improvement Act of 2021” would ban all skeptics of all Official Narratives from ever occupying a senior US government position. Non-believers would be legally prohibited from aspiring to even the most middling State Department or Defense Department career. Blasphemers would be banned for life from all 17 (18?) intelligence agencies, as well as thousands of government contractor jobs and legislative committee roles.

Disgraced national security reporter Josh Rogin of the Washington Post whitewashed the proposed bill as a sensible measure to stop nebulous “QAnon” believers from exerting institutional influence. But WaPo’s slime job egregiously mischaracterizes the proposed legislation.

The Democrat crimethink bill clearly prohibits any “association with” any “conspiracy theories and false information about the United States Government.” Even Rep. Turner’s press release stipulates that so-called “QAnon” beliefs are just a start . . .

The language of the bill would result in mass unemployment in our area, as a large number of right-leaning people hold security clearances in connection with the Patuxent River Naval Air Station, as well as a large number who commute to DC for positions throughout the Federal bureaucracy. I assume it would be found unconstitutional, but it could do enormous damage before it reached the high court.

Reagan McCarthy at Town Hall, GOP Lawmakers Condemn Pelosi's 'Partisan Power Grab' Over Iowa Congressional Election. I think they should just acquiesce, and then when they Republicans take over the House in 2022, they should oust Nancy.

A reminder from Breitbart, Poll: Majority of Black and Hispanic Voters Support Voter ID, Kevin Kosar at Am Spec goes on and on about The Left’s Hypocrisy on Election Results Denial. To be fair, there's a lot to cover. 

Sundance, Wisconsin State Assembly Approves 2020 Election Investigation. Democrats certainly think there's something to conceal. 

Via Associated Press – MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Republican-controlled Wisconsin Assembly passed a resolution Tuesday to authorize an investigation into the 2020 presidential election that President Joe Biden narrowly won in the state.

The resolution, opposed by Democrats, is needed to give the committee authorization if it decides to issue subpoenas to compel testimony and gather documents, said Rep. Joe Sanfelippo. He is vice-chairman of the Assembly elections and campaign committee that would conduct the probe.

The resolution authorizing the investigation passed on a 58-35 party line vote, with all Republicans in support and all Democrats against. It passed after Republicans last month ordered an audit of the election results. (read more)

Vicky Taft at PJ Media reminds us that Mark Zuckerberg bought this election, fair and square in 'Who Are These Outsiders?' Big Tech $$$$ – Zuck Bucks – Paid Government Election Offices to Become Turnout Machines for Biden in 2020 Election

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