Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Happy Puppy Day!

 National Puppy Day

Observed each year on March 23rd, National Puppy Day celebrates the unconditional love and affection puppies bring to our lives. Their cuddles and wiggles make us smile and without a doubt, there are squeals of delight when there are puppies around!

The day also brings awareness to the need for care of and homes for orphaned pups as well as to educate people about the horrors of puppy mills across the country. Puppies are a big responsibility. Be sure to consider everything involved and adopt from a shelter. The puppies there need love and a home just as much as any other and they grow into loyal pets, too!

Now, how about dem puppies?

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Oksana Rykova up on time and under budget at The Other McCain.

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