Monday, March 8, 2021

Beach Report 3/8/21

A quick drop in temperature took us to 26 F last night, but by noon, our temperature had made it back up to 38, on the way to 46. The wind was light from the north, and the sky almost cloudless. All in all, it could be worse.
When we got way up along the cliffs above Matoaka, I heard a familiar cry, looked up and saw this eagle, looking back. He or she is probably eagerly awaiting the imminent arrival of the Ospreys from their winter vacation. Time to pay the taxman! 
It was a pretty high tide, and the beach was tight in spots. This poor guy couldn't get away from Skye's demand for a pet.
Still looking for the next big one. Alas, not today, though we found 17 ordinary teeth, a drum's tooth, a stingray mouth plate chevron, a stingray barb, a crab claw and and a crab claw.

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