Saturday, March 27, 2021

Beach Report 3/27/21

Much cooler than yesterday, struggling to reach 60 F, but I toughed it out in shorts and a T-shirt again, and was cool, but not miserable.

A fair number of people on the beach, especially at Matoaka, and Skye got lots of attention. Overall, a decent, but not spectacular day for fossils, 17 shark's teeth, 2 crab claws, and a thing that might the be beak of some kind of fish.

An interesting story though. I stopped to talk to a woman and her son who were fruitlessly looking for fossils. I showed them the ones I had so far, explained some things to look for, and before I finished talking to the mother, the son went off and picked up a very nice Snaggletooth lower, about an inch long. The student beat the teacher!

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