Sunday, March 21, 2021

Russiagate Dump

Well. it's been a couple weeks since I last dealt with all this, so some of the links are starting to get fuzzy green, but it's probably still a fair way to get up to date:

John Solomon Tick Tocks John Durham for Another Six to Eight Weeks - The Last Refuge

Waiting for Durham :: SteynOnline

Durham will have Russiagate indictments ready in 6–8 weeks, says John Solomon - American Thinker

Ex-FBI boss has 'grave concern' FISA court was 'defrauded intentionally' in Russia probe | Just The News

Instapundit » Blog Archive » AT THIS POINT WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? We aren’t supposed to care anymore about how the FBI gin…

FOIA Release Showcases FBI Small Group Coordinating With Media To Push Russia Narrative in 2017 Exactly as Suspected - The Last Refuge

Obama’s Wingmen Set to Take Over Justice Department Again

John Carlin Lies to Spy - American Greatness

Hmmmm: Vance retiring at end of the year -- after winning on Trump's tax returns

Althouse: "The New York prosecutor leading the most significant criminal probe against Donald Trump and his business announced Friday he is not running for reelection..."

Army reviewing probe into Flynn’s dealings with Russia, foreign firm – HotAir

Michael Cohen asked back for eighth interview in Trump Org criminal probe – HotAir

Biden on Putin: He's a "killer" who will "pay a price" for election interference

Democrats seek records on Trump hotel previously blocked by Trump administration. - The Washington Post

Appeals Court Reinstates Guilty Verdict For Michael Flynn’s Business Partner In Turkish Lobbying Case | The Daily Caller

Aaugh! A Brief List Of Official Russia Claims That Proved To Be Bogus - TK News by Matt Taibbi

A brief list of official Russia claims that turned out to be bogus – HotAir

Kash Patel Discusses The Inside Story of Spygate - The Last Refuge

Steve Bannon battling prosecutors who refuse to dismiss his case after Trump?s pardon - The Washington Post

NYT Continues Swalwell Blackout On Relationship With Chinese Spy

Byron York's Daily Memo: The Democrats' Eric Swalwell problem

GOP narrows focus on Pelosi over Eric Swalwell's spot on Intelligence Committee

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Demands Eric Swalwell be Cut From Intel Committee

Congressman who had relationship with Chinese spy suggests Republican colleagues are 'traitors' | The Post Millennial

Pressure mounts for Trump to declassify report on Swalwell and Chinese spy | The Post Millennial

EDITORIAL: Eric Swalwell's relationship with a spy can't be ignored - Washington Times

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