Friday, March 12, 2021

Beach Report 3/12/21

Gray skies, and just a touch of rain this morning, but it held off while we went to the beach. I found this interesting bit of dried fungus along the way.

The Weed du Jour, Creeping Speedwell. It's all over the place these days, but I took this photo near the parking lot at the beach:
Speedwell—also known as Veronica, Birdseye, and Gypsyweed—is a well-known weed that you can find in your front yard, backyard, or garden. Depending on the variety, it can also be a ground cover and is planted for its edible and medicinal properties. The variety Veronica Americana is edible and nutritious and has been used in a tea to alleviate symptoms of allergies and asthma.
Georgia met us at the beach. The tide was mid way on the rise, but low enough to expose lots of stuff. It was low 60s, and I left my long sleeve shirt in the car. 
A pretty amazing day for teeth. 58 shark's teeth, a crab claw, a sting ray barb and a Tilly bone. The big Snaggletooth that Georgia found was an honest 1 1/2 inches, just shy of our all time best, 1 5/8.

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