Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Election 2020: A Slight Return

Having trouble getting started this morning. Nothing really sticks out as exciting. Let's see what's in the digital bin. 

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.08.21 Eric Lundrum at Am Great looks at China Joe's executive order on voting, Biden Signs Executive Order Expanding Vote-By-Mail, Other Shady Voting Practices, and he's not thrilled. Also, from Joy Pullman at Da Fed,  15 Insane Things In Democrats’ H.R. 1 Bill To Corrupt Elections Forever. Them are features, not bugs. From Breitbart, Joe Biden Blames Capitol ‘Insurrection’ for Executive Order Expanding Federal Registration. Reverse underpants gnome argument. Andrea Widberg at Am Think, Biden's latest executive order is his most frightening yet.

Also via Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.08.21  from LI, Media Using Same ‘Anonymous Sources’ Tactic for Capitol Hill Riot That Propelled Russia Hoax. As long as they keep getting away with it, they'll use. At the risk of disappointing Democrats,  FBI Finding No Evidence Members Of Congress In Contact With Capitol Rioters During Attack (Da Wire), but no doubt they'll continue to argue otherwise. 

At PJ Media, PC Salzman asks Is America at Risk from Domestic Terrorists?. You mean the people who burn our cities? Yep. But I don't believe there is an ongoing threat to Washington DC. Christopher Bedford at Da Fed argues The Capitol Police Chief And Her Democratic Bosses Are Lying To You All To Hold Our Capital Hostage. But who wants to visit anyway? And from Tristan Justice at Da Fed, DC Will Remain Under Military Occupation As Long As Pelosi Rules. Because nothing says free and fair elections like having the military control access to the government. Dan Greenfield at Front Page, 4 Cops for Every Congressman - But Pelosi Wants More. Actually, considering the ratio of scientists to cops at my last job at the Smithsonian, that doesn't seem that outrageous. 

Not the Bee, People are starting to use Lefties' nonsensical language against them and it’s absolutely beautiful: Meet #SuperStraight and #BlueAnon. Ace, In Wake of Yet Another Leftwing Censorship Campaign, "Blue Anon" Meme Goes Viral. Another example of the Streisand effect. 

UrbanDictionary tried to censor it -- but people added a dozen new Blue Anon entries.

In the thread below -- with David French, of all people, condemning conspiracy theories (!!!) -- virtually every other comment references Blue Anon.

Also via Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.08.21 the The Geller Report reports: MI Judge Reinstates Voting Fraud Case After Forensic Audit Of Dominion Voting Machines

Althouse, "We are seeing again and again this version of Jim Crow in a suit and tie..."

"... because it is designed explicitly for the same reason as Jim Crow did, to block communities of color from active participation in choosing the leadership that will guide their democracy... In the last two election cycles, we saw a dramatic increase in the number of voters of color who voted by mail, the number of young people who used early voting, the number of African Americans who voted on Saturday and Sunday.... We saw unprecedented levels of turnout across the board. And so every single metric of voter access that has been a good in Georgia is now under attack.... This is entirely driven by the existential crisis of a Republican Party that has decided that rather than adapt to the changing needs of the populace, it is easier to stop the people from participating."

Said Stacey Abrams, quoted in "Georgia Republicans Pass the Most Restrictive Voting Laws Since Jim Crow" (Mother Jones).
Because passing laws that apply to everybody is racist, and passing regulations to favor one race over another is not.

Sundance at CTH echoes STARVE THE UniParty – President Trump Says “No More Money for RINOS'” and reports that DeceptiCon Senator John Barrasso Vows to Back Lisa Murkowski

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