Saturday, March 20, 2021

Election 2020: If Your Election Lasts 4 Months Consult a Political Scientist

It's been four months since Nov. 20, and we're still at it. But it is fading. Natalia Mittelstadt at JTN, Rep. Bryan Steil: House Democrats are (still) trying to overturn Iowa congressional election. They need to steal something just to keep in practice. 

Paul Bedard at Wa Ex reminds us Voters demand photo ID and reject weak Democratic substitute. You need ID for everything adult in life. Why not voting?

AllahPundit at Hot Hair his hupset that Pelosi: The Dem Leadership Doesn’t Support The Effort To Expel Marjorie Taylor Greene From Congress. That sword has two edges. 

Nancy is thinking big-picture, though: She knows there’ll be reprisals against Democrats from the next GOP House majority for stripping Greene of her committee assignments and she doesn’t want to start a new round of nuclear reprisals in which the two parties begin expelling each other’s members from the chamber. It’s a bridge too far. Besides, with Gomez playing “bad cop” by sponsoring the resolution, she’s free to be the “good cop” elder statesman who opposes such dire tactics. Dems get to pull another stunt at Greene’s expense that raises her profile and Pelosi gets to keep her fingerprints off of it, the so-called adult in the room. Pretty sweet arrangement.

At the Other McCain, blog sidekick Smitty has a  Gentle Reminder To Instapundit

The mighty Instapundit makes the point:
The Pentagon’s swift and coordinated ‘smiting’ of Tucker Carlson, who had the gall to ‘diss’ the idea of sending pregnant women to war—an obviously absurd idea to all but the most politically correct officers grasping for a promotion—makes it very clear.”

This is what they do instead of winning wars, something they haven’t done even once this century despite nonstop combat.
It’s absolutely the case that the military hasn’t been impressive of late. I was bemoaning the current shambles with an active duty friend just two days ago.

Nevertheless, one must not lose sight of the truth that the military is mechanism, not policy. It’s not Oldsmobile’s fault that a Delmont 88 makes a terrible submarine. You’ll have to bring that up with the driver.

Here, the driver is “We the People”. I wouldn’t go fearing military death squads anytime soon. On the other hand, the method for correcting our course and steering clear of the Full Banana Republic Experience is unclear.

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