Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Beach Report 3/31/21 - Beginners Luck

Skye and I left home with both the sky and weather radar threatening rain in the not to distant future. Except for a few drops, we managed to walk up to our usual turn around spot above the big falls with out any significant weather.

As we were passing through Matoaka, we stopped to talk (yes, Skye talks) to a couple, who called us over to ask if we lived locally and if I knew anything about sharks teeth. She told me they were new to the east coast, lived in Virginia and were amateur rock hounds, and had come to Matoaka after seeing it on the internet. She showed me this gorgeous Hastalis tooth that she had just picked up laying in band of shell hash, 2 3/8ths inches by my Leatherman's ruler. It was their only tooth so far. Without showing too much jealousy, I told her all about it, and what a great find it was. 
I found 13 very ordinary teeth.

The sky opened up as Skye and I pulled into the garage.

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