Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Election 2020: Once burned?

When you're discussing the military after an election, you're doing something wrong. Jon Gabriel at AZ Central, Maybe public confidence in the military would go up if its leaders shut up "Opinion: Military chiefs blasted Fox News' Tucker Carlson for his comments about uniforms and hairstyles of women service members. That's a dumb move."

As a person who has served in the military, perhaps the brass will allow me to state my humble, nonpartisan advice: Please shut up.

Even one week into Navy boot camp, I knew better than to offer political commentary in my official capacity – not that anyone was asking. A long-serving Pentagon official should know to avoid even the appearance of partisan rhetoric.

My fishing buddy "Ski", Col. Dziengeleski, whom I've known since he was a mere Capt, has always been studiously non-partisan, even claiming not to have voted for that reason. I'm beginning to worry it was a career strategy.

Sundance at CTH, Comrades, DHS is Preparing to Monitor Travel of Americans They Alone Define as ‘Domestic Extremists’

DHS is considering not only tracking American people defined by the U.S. intelligence apparatus as ‘extremist’, they are also debating the manner and processes of intercepting, questioning and searching those individuals.

As we have seen from the factual example of the January 6th DC protest rally, if you attend an event labeled as ‘extremist’ by a 20-something ideologue with access inside the system, you may find yourself on a “no-fly” list.

Expand your thinking to what was initiated with the COVID model for “contact tracing” and you can quickly see how physical proximity to a rogue dissident, a person with wrong thoughts – aka a domestic extremist, can result in you being labeled along with that dissident…. and you are on the list. Then overlay the efforts of Big Tech to assist the administrative state with an electronic trail of your habits, contacts, phone calls, text messages and internet patterns…. and you are on the list.

Remind yourself what FBI “contractors’ with access to the NSA database already did in their quest for political opposition research and surveillance {Go Deep}. Then overlay all of the above and you get an alarming picture that is not something to dispatch. This is a very serious matter in a nation that prides itself on freedom and liberty.

Newsweek worries that Sidney Powell's 'No Reasonable Person' Election Lawsuit Admission Divides QAnon Believers. All three of them? That makes it a 2:1 split, one way or the other. Q = Immanuel Goldstein. 

The  Republican Georgia Sec. State, who famously allowed Stacy Abrams to dictate the states electoral process, and them blocked all attempts to investigate fraud, Brad Raffensperger, has the audacity to go to NR to complain about Trump adopting her tactics: The Stacey Abrams Playbook for Crying ‘Stolen Election’

To many people, President Donald Trump’s effort to overturn an election may have seemed unprecedented. Many members of the media have cast Trump’s efforts as unheard of. But sitting in Georgia, it was impossible to watch the events after November 3 without seeing the unmistakable signs of the Stacey Abrams playbook: Don’t concede. Say you were cheated. Allege voter irregularities. File lawsuits. Get witness testimony. Raise money. Repeat.

 As Saul Alinksy used to say, "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules." 

And a holdover from Ace that I forgot to include yesterday works better here anyway, Trump Endorses Challenger to Corrupt Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger "Get The Sperg Out (TM). I think that's a good campaign slogan."

The 60-year-old congressmember savaged the secretary of state in his Monday campaign launch, saying that "What Brad Raffensperger did was create cracks in the integrity of our elections, which I wholeheartedly believe individuals took advantage of in 2020."

Dan Chaitin at WaEx reports Antrim County eschews Dominion equipment in favor of hand count for primary ballots

A small county in northern Michigan voted to conduct a hand count for its primary election instead of using its Dominion Voting Systems machines that became the subject of a lawsuit that has drawn national attention.

Commissioners in Antrim County rejected a request last week from the chief election officer, who sought $5,080 to hire consultants to prepare their Dominion machines for the May 4 contest, and voted unanimously to keep the equipment "on ice," according to the Traverse City Record-Eagle.

Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy, who issued the request, said the machines were not "certified for use" as required by the Michigan secretary of state because of a forensic examination conducted in December as part of the November election lawsuit against the county.

The commissioners voted on Thursday to instead conduct a hand count of ballots for the May primary election. According to the report, Guy said this could run afoul of state law given the type of precinct paper that was approved.

 Once burned?

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