Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Beach Report 3/30/21

Skye and I set off for the beach before noon to catch the bottom of a low tide. It's a gorgeous day here, low 60s, clear and sunny. The wind was light (10kts)  when we left, but much greater (20 kts) SE when we returned.

I took a picture of this tolerable Sand Tiger (I think) tooth I found on the way up just in case it was the best of the day.
Do you see it?
How about now?
A really nice prehistoric White Shark tooth, Carcharodon hastalis, 1 13/16 inches long, and now the largest of the year, destined for a stay on the kitchen window sill.
All in all 18 teeth, the mandatory crab claw, and a ray chevron, for a pretty nice walk.

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