Tuesday, March 16, 2021

We Noticed

WUWT: Broken Water Pipe Takes Out U.S. Buoy Data

I have gotten a number of emails from folks asking about the lack of U.S. buoy data during the past several days.

They are right…something has happened. A broken pipe and flooding has closed down a key NOAA data facility in Silver Spring, Maryland, and there is no estimate of when this data source will become available. And, in fact, other important data sources are also being affected, such as the coastal marine sites (CMAN) and even some airport locations.

The NOAA National Data Buoy Center page notes the situation:
Buoy data over the oceans is a very important weather data source, in support of both numerical weather prediction and marine activities. There are, in fact, two main types of ocean buoys: fixed or moored buoys, which possess a relatively wide range of weather/ocean observations, and drifting buoys that move around the ocean freely

We notice several days ago that the Extra-Tropical Storm Surge site that we monitor to see how likely the tide will  be has been having trouble, and would not come up. This explains it.

A broken water pipe? You can't do better than that?

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