Saturday, March 20, 2021

First Spring Day at the Beach 3/13/21

Skye and I were on our own again. I decided to do without the "good" camera with the big zoom and just use the cell phone. I immediately regretted it You can just barely see over the dune, the Gas Docks, with a ship being loaded, and another one anchored waiting its turn. Frack on!

Today, it was clear and sunny and in the low 40s, with moderate winds from the north. Not too bad if you have decent clothing, or a nice thick pelt.
Here's where I really regretted the lack of zoom, an American Oystercatcher, a relatively rare visitor to our beach
American Oystercatchers are the only birds in their environment with the ability to open large molluscs such as clams and oysters (except for large gulls that drop clams onto pavement). 

I managed to get it mostly in the frame when it flew out of our way.
High tides, and roughish surf made the fossil hunting slow, only 7 shark's teeth. 

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