Saturday, January 11, 2020

Reason #6415 that Trump was Elected

USMCA Outcome – GM and Ford Shock Over 1,500 Temp Auto Workers with Full-Time Promotions…
One of the key sectors gaining benefit from the USMCA trade agreement is the auto sector. Rules on steel and aluminum smelting/origination, and rules on part origination from North America are key aspects to the trade agreement that shifts focus from the import of Asian manufactured parts for assembly to manufacturing in North America.

Essentially, seventy-five percent of the component parts for the auto industry must be manufactured in North America. This shift directly puts U.S. auto-workers at the forefront for job gains & stops the process of using manufactured parts from China, Asia or the EU.

The goal of the agreement was/is to make manufacturing investment in North America the main consideration for auto-manufacturers who want access to the U.S. market. Today, as a direct result of future investment considerations, General Motors and Ford unexpectedly surprise 1,500 auto-workers with the announcement their jobs have gone from part-time to full-time status. Great news for these families:
General Motors’ worker Adarrey “Ace” Humphrey was blindsided Sunday. That’s when his life changed.
Humphrey, 27, has been a part-time temporary worker at GM’s Flint Assembly in Michigan for the last three years. On Sunday morning, he and about 250 of his co-workers crowded into UAW Local 598’s union hall. Most thought they were there for a routine meeting.
But when the local’s president stepped to the mic, the room listened in awed silence.
“He said, ‘As of tomorrow, you guys are full-time seniority employees of GM,’ ” Humphrey said. “There was a gasp in the room for a few seconds. Some of us thought he misspoke. Then, we had to say, ‘No, we heard him right!’ It was amazing.”
On Monday, GM made about 930 temporary workers permanent full-time employees at 30 of its 52 UAW-represented facilities in the United States. There are more to come in the months ahead, it said.
Ford Motor Co. also moved 592 temps to permanent full-time on Monday, the UAW said, and will do more conversions of temps next month. But Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is still working to implement its temporary worker conversions, said the UAW. (read more)
Meanwhile, Democrats work at abolishing privately owned cars at least for everyone but those connected to the party.

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