Monday, January 13, 2020

Oregon Going to the Wolves

Wolf OR-7
Wolf attack kills dog guarding cattle in southern Oregon
State wildlife officials say a dog guarding cattle in southern Oregon has died after being attacked by a wolf.

The report released Wednesday says an examination of the Tibetan mastiff's body revealed 25 puncture wounds and scrape marks all over its body.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says the attack early Monday occurred in an area frequented by a gray wolf known as OR-7 and his pack.

The incident happened southeast of Prospect.

The last confirmed attack by OR-7 and his pack was in January when two calves were killed two days apart near Butte Falls.
A Tibeten Mastiff? That's a pretty tough dog!

And Prospect isn't that far from our old stomping grounds in Southern Oregon, as the wolf wanders. OR-7 was born in NE Oregon near Idaho, and has been spotted in California.

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