Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Hail to Thee Our Alma Mater - OSU Girl Goes All Pro

Being a double graduate of Oregon State University I followed with great amusement the previous exploits of Kendra Sunderland, the OSU undergrad who was caught filming booby shots for cash in the school library, and later charged with a misdemeanor for “did and with the intent of arousing the sexual desire of defendant or another person, expose her genitals.” Now, at Theo's Donald Douglas informs us that Kendra Sunderland, Former Topless Library Girl Turned Porn Star, is still following her dream:
She looks weathered, the skeezy slut.

She's got big tits but she better get back in school. She's worth less than a discarded heroin syringe.

See those big white breasts --- and the deepened lines on her face.

Here, "Kendra, You Skeezy Slut, It's Not Too Late to Turn Your Life Around."

Be sure to click though to the Kendra porno links, for what it's worth. (*Shrugs.*)
She doesn't look that bad to me, but then, I'm not that critical.

NSFW? Sure why not! Free advertising for a fellow OSU attendee (she didn't graduate).

Oh, and she has a Facebook page, too.

On the mend, the Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Ayako Kawasumi out by its nominal due date.

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