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Russiagate: Bolton "I'd Lie for National Security"

A few raisins of Russiagate amidst the thin oatmeal of Shampeachment. A big raisin, Gen Michael Flynn has formally withdrawn his guilty plea, and instead of demanding a longer  sentence  for non-cooperation, DOJ has decided to not ask for time at all, but rather probation. They really don't want to try that case, do they? You can read about it at  Flynn: ‘In Truth, I Never Lied’, by John Sexton at Hot Air (VIP) who wants money, or you can get more from sundance at CTH for free in Flynn Case Update – Flynn Files Motion to Dismiss, Declaration of Plea Reversal – DOJ Files Revised Sentence Recommendation for Probation Only…. Flynns' personal story to the court is filed there, and if true (and I'm pretty sure it is) it makes the Dreyfus affair seem rather tame. Undercover Huber also carries the news.

Also from sundance, Ron and Chuck Go Fishing – Johnson and Grassley Want AG Bill Barr To Declassify IG Footnotes… has a deep dive into the Senators search for the answers to why the FBI was so anxious to keep the Steel Dossier in play. Tristan Justice at Da Fed, Grassley, Johnson Demand Declassification Of Four Key Footnotes In IG Report On FISA Abuses
According to Sens. Grassley and Johnson, the reveal of the four footnotes in the report might further debunk the report’s own primary conclusion that there was no political bias motivating the FBI’s deep-state surveillance operation.

“The American people have a right to know what is contained within these four footnotes and, without that knowledge, they will not have a full picture as to what happened during the Crossfire Hurricane investigation,” the senators wrote.
Also at Da Fed, Margot Cleveland writes IG Report Proves Obama Administration Spied On Trump Campaign Big Time
The IG report also did more than confirm the Crossfire Hurricane team accessed some Trump campaign communications: It established that accessing Page’s communications with the Trump campaign was the goal of the FISA order.

For instance, a case agent working the Crossfire Hurricane investigation explained to the IG’s team that because Page had just “returned from his trip to Russia” before the Republicans’ national convention, the FBI’s “belief was that Page was involved in the platform change [concerning Ukraine] and the team was hoping to find evidence of that in their review of the FISA collections of Page’s email accounts.”
Sharyl Attkisson at AmThink, The Department of Justice Coverup of its Spying on Me Continues
In a just or fair system, the DOJ would not have searched for legal excuses to dismiss the lawsuit I filed to bring the abuses to light… in fact, there would be no need for me to pursue a civil court case because the DOJ would have already prosecuted the guilty parties.

Yet here we are.

On le'ffaire  Bolton, Ace, John Bolton in 2010 Interview: Why Yes, I'd Gladly Lie If I Believed It Would Further My Ideas About National Security. And he disagrees with much of Trumps pro-peace agenda. Do we need to ask more?
[Bolton] approvingly quoted Winston Churchill’s assertion that "truth is so important it should be surrounded by a bodyguard of lies."

"Do you really believe that?" Napolitano responded. "You would lie in order to preserve the truth?"

"Absolutely," Bolton said. "If I had to say something I knew was false to protect American national security, I would do it."
Althouse writes "For a guy who couldn’t get approved for the Ambassador to the U.N. years ago, couldn’t get approved for anything since, 'begged' me for a non Senate approved job..."
"... which I gave him despite many saying 'Don’t do it, sir,' takes the job, mistakenly says 'Libyan Model' on T.V., and many more mistakes of judgement, gets fired because frankly, if I listened to him, we would be in World War Six by now, and goes out and IMMEDIATELY writes a nasty & untrue book. All Classified National Security. Who would do this?" Tweets President Trump a little while ago (1, 2).

I like his mild tone there. It's refreshing. To me, it's more convincing than the harsher name-calling. I appreciate that you didn't call him, say, Bolton the Snake... but... by the way... You knew he was a snake.
Sundance, John Bolton Denied Publication Approval by White House Three Days Before Selected Manuscript Leak… Most outlets seem to be trying to imply it happened as a result of the leak, and not the normal process of review for secret material. Example, Jake Tapper at CNN, White House has issued formal threat to Bolton to keep him from publishing book, even though the article admits the date. Capt. Ed, Hot Air VIP, White House Has Served Notice On Bolton, Publisher; Update: Top Secret Information, Not Privilege? Not from the White House, but rather the NSC.

Matt Margolis, PJ Media, This Bombshell Interview with John Bolton Will Crush the Democrats
Daniel McCarthy at SpecUS, Why John Bolton won’t win his war on Trump "Far from damning Trump, his intervention suggests the president was acting in a reasonable manner" Through Hot Air, NYT whines For John Bolton, An “Upside-Down World” After Trump Revelation, although they'd gladly turn it upside-down in following their own agenda. Also, AllahPundit at Hot Air, House Dem Eliot Engel: Bolton Told Me In September To Look Into Yovanovitch’s Removal As Ambassador. Was Yovanovitch Bolton's mole? And AP grins that the GOP squirms as Bolton prepares to dish on Trump White House

Meanwhile, Adam Schiff on John Bolton, via Stacy McCain

Slate on Why We Can Probably Believe John Bolton.  Joseph Klein at Front Page, on Why Bolton’s Testimony on 'Quid Pro Quo' is a Waste of Time, Dershowitz delivers the staggering case. More importantly, as AllahPundit reports Lindsey Graham: Nothing John Bolton Might Say Could Possibly Make This An Impeachable Offense So Let’s Not Call Him. I follow the logic. If it can't be used to impeach him, why bring it in? Because Democrats want to dirty him for 2020.

And speaking of witnesses, Capt. Ed writes, Manchin: Why Yes, “I Really Do” Think Hunter Biden Is A Relevant Witness. Ooof! And, Giuliani: I’m Ready To Testify In The Senate Trial Right Now. I suspect he knows he's better as a witness than Democrats do.
Insty, WELL, THE ADMISSION BY BIDEN IS ON VIDEO: “Ukrainian ex-Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin has demanded that the State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) open criminal proceedings against former U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden for illegal influence on him as the prosecutor general of Ukraine.” At Da Week, Walther Matthew has a rather sympathetic view of The tragedy of Joe Biden

Which leaves nothing but Shampeachment. The good news is that it may be over by Friday or Saturday. Stacy McCain, Report: Impeachment Could End Friday  "The long, sad circus is coming to its inevitable conclusion" Sundance,Senator Graham Predicts Deliberative Conclusion on Friday… . AllahPundit bemoans, Schumer: It Looks Unlikely That We’ll Have Enough Republican Votes To Call Witnesses, Reuters, Republicans hopeful Senate will acquit Trump in impeachment trial as early as Friday and Trump could be acquitted in impeachment trial as early as Friday-U.S. Senator.   But at NYPo, Trump’s defense team expects cliffhanger in Senate witness vote. At Da Wire, Ted Cruz: ‘Additional Witnesses’ In Senate Still ‘Not Necessary’. Capt Ed, Momentum: Gardner Declares Himself A No On Further Witnesses. Sundance, Senator Hawley: The House Managers “Just Don’t Have a Case”…
Victory Taft, PJ Media, Holy Crap. Lindsey Graham Just Threatened Democrats With His 'Predicted' Impeachment Witness List. "I'll make a prediction. They'll be [sic] 51 Republican votes to call Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, the 'whistleblower,' uh, and the DNC staffer at a very minimum." Ace, Schumer: Our Kavanaugh Strategy of Carefully Sequenced Disclosures and Demands for More Witnesses and Investigations Will Probably End Tomorrow Breitbart. On Da Hill, Nadler floats John Kelly as potential impeachment witness. At Da Wire, Senator Hawley Releases Trial Questions He Plans To Ask About Bidens, Whistleblower, Schiff  Susan Collins: ‘Very Likely’ I Will Vote for Witnesses at Impeachment Trial, but she was already counted there. At AmThink, That Trio of RINO Rebels. Politicians gonna gonna commit politics. Fred Lucas at Da Signal, ‘Danger, Danger, Danger’: 4 Highlights From Final Day of Defense Arguments in Impeachment Trial

Axios, What senators will ask during impeachment trial's question time. AllahPundit, Question From Collins And Murkowski: Did Trump Ever Mention Biden Corruption Towards Ukraine Before Biden Entered The Presidential Race?. Why, yes, he did. Town Hall, Patrick Philbin Nails Adam Schiff on Whistleblower Contact and for Hiding Evidence, which doesn't matter because Adam Schiff has no shame. The Atlantic, Stop the Impeachment-Polling Madness "A decision to remove the president from office should not turn on public opinion." It must be turning against them. Politico, Poll: Nearly 6 in 10 oppose Trump’s use of executive privilege to muzzle witnesses. AllahPundit, hits a strawman, sets it on fire, Dershowitz: A Quid Pro Quo Is In The Public Interest If The President Believes It’s In The Public Interest For Him To Win Reelection. What he really said had something to due with mixed motives.

Well, an acquittal on Friday would make most of the rest of this moot: LI, Trump’s Defense Team Wrap Up Opening Arguments. Ace's Morning Rant and Tyler O'Neil at PJ Media, Trump Defense Team Concludes With 1998 Dems Warning Against Partisan Impeachment. It was a classic moment.
Ace, Chief Justice Roberts Is Censoring Questions from Republican Senators, and Other Impeachment Stuff Rand Paul named he who must not be named, Eric Ciaramella. Paul Bedard at WaEx notes, Adam Schiff talked 454% more than lead Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow. Which is probably good for Trump, because Schiff exudes slime.

News Busters, Evening News Spin: 100% Negative on Trump Defense, 95% Positive Dems. They've dropped all pretense at objectivity. Trust them at your own risk. Breitbart, Fact Check: CNN Falsely Claims ‘GOP Concedes Trump May Have Withheld Aid But Says It’s Not Impeachable’ At least with Breitbart we know where they stand. Megan Fox at PJ Media, Wikileaks Proved Maggie Haberman Is a Dem Operative and Her NYT 'Expose' Should Go in the Garbage.

Da Wire, Dianne Feinstein Backpedals: I Was ‘Misunderstood’ Over Trump Acquittal Comments as Democrat Just Accidentally Admitted House Impeachment Case Is Evidence-Free.

Michael Goodwin NYPO Parties must move on from Trump impeachment — or end in mutual destruction. Trade destruction of the Democrats for destruction of the Republicans. As Jack Benny said, I'm thinking it over. From the Red Pill Jew,  Impeachment - really TWO TRIALS
The Democrats, master propagandists that they are, are not trying to convince Senators – they’re playing to public opinion. Trying to increase Trump’s negatives and drive down his approval numbers. Their target audience, with the enemedia’s complicity, is the public... and secondarily the squishy-middle RINOs and NeverTrumpers.

Trump's defenders, honorable people, are trying a legal trial, presenting facts, reason, logic, precedent, etc., with a target audience of the Senators.

And this is how we lose. Time and again. We keep fighting by Marquis of Queensbury Rules, assuming an honorable opposition who is interested in a rational debate.


Consider, as something I read briefly this morning, their calls for “a fair trial”. It’s the defendant who is to get a fair trial, not the prosecution. And after their sham hearings in the house, under rules that would have a banana republic Jones with envy, they talk about fairness??? Start bringing these to your next townhall with your representative and play with it, openly, as they talk. Be nakedly contemptuous as you hop the kangaroo around your lap, or table, right in front of them. (E.g., "Excuse me, that's distracting me from speaking" "Oh, I'm just giving you the same courtesy as you gave President Trump in your kangaroo court shampeachment".)
At Red State, If Nadler Is Right and Trump Is a Dictator, Why Hasn’t De Niro ‘Disappeared’?, and from Katie Pavlich at Town Hall, Democrat's Latest Star Just Got Ejected From the Senate and You'll Never Guess Why. Lev Parnas; who knew you weren't allowed to wear ankle bracelets in Congress?

I can't believe I ate the whole thing.

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