Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Gone Fishin' Russiagate

Maybe a little like this, but with worse weather and no Darcizzle in a bikini:

In the meantime, some Russiagate. Gonna have to do this the rough way, it's almost time to leave. Too bad, kinda because there's some interesting stuff:

On Spygate Nonsense:

Michael Flynn withdraws guilty plea - Washington Times

Michael Flynn Withdraws Guilty Plea – Cites DOJ “bad faith, vindictiveness and breach of plea agreement”… | The Last Refuge

Instapundit » Blog Archive » ISSUES & INSIGHTS: Hillary Clinton Vindicated On Corruption Charges? Hardly. “As soon as political a…

Journalist Sharyl Attkisson: Former federal agent blows the whistle on illegal surveillance operation during Obama administration - TheBlaze

Carter Page Says FBI's SpyGate is ' just the tip of the iceberg' Hints At Future Legal Action - Sara A. Carter

Sketchy Changes to IG FISA Report Cover-Up Major Discrepancy in First Version… | The Last Refuge

Biden/Ukraine BS

Breaking: Russians hacked Burisma, possibly to seek info on Bidens – HotAir

NYT: Russians Hacked Burisma to Dig Up Dirt on Biden! – American Greatness

Ace: A Computer Security Firm Closely Linked to Democrats Is Claiming THE RUSSKIES HACKED BURISMA!!!

And of course, the Shampeachment:

McConnell: The trial will probably begin next Tuesday -- and, no, Mr. President, there'll be no motion to dismiss the articles of impeachment

Democrats Think Pelosi Holding Impeachment Articles a Failed Strategy

McCarthy Says Pelosi Has a 'Dirty Little Secret' for Why She's Withheld Articles

Pelosi's choice: Get ready for a couple of familiar faces as impeachment managers

Republicans brush off Trump's call for impeachment dismissal | TheHill

As witness fight rages, whistleblower fades away

Laura Ingraham Goes Off on Mitt Romney Over Senate Trial

Rand Paul pledges to force Hunter Biden vote if GOP backs Dem impeachment witnesses | TheHill

Ted Cruz: ‘Open To The Possibility’ Of Senate Calling Witnesses, Including Whistleblower | The Daily Caller

Courting Disaster? The Democrats Are Demanding Witnesses With One Notable Exception – JONATHAN TURLEY

Peter J. Hasson on Twitter: "This is literally something Alex Jones would tweet" / Twitter

House Scheme Unfolds – Adam Schiff Transmits “New Evidence” to Nadler… | The Last Refuge


Rudy Giuliani Desperately Wants To Join Trump's Impeachment Defense Team | HuffPost

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