Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Stale Russiagate

It's been sitting around all day, and, doing something more important, fishing, I haven't had time to add anything new. I've bolded a few for special attention.

Overall Russiagate

Barr personally asked foreign officials to aid inquiry into CIA, FBI activities in 2016 - The Washington Post
Trump Pressed Australian Leader to Help Barr Investigate Mueller Inquiry’s Origins
NYT: Trump asked Australian PM to help DOJ investigation into Russiagate probe
WaPo: Intelligence officials alarmed that AG Barr is taking a direct role in investigating ‘conspiracy theories’ – twitchy.com
Ace of Spades HQ Washington Post: Intelligence Community Increasingly Worried That Trump Is Investigating Insane "Conspiracy Theories" That They Ran Some Kind of Covert Op in the 2016 Election
Ace of Spades HQ AG Barr Travels to Italy on "Official Business;" Is He There to Interview Josef Misfud?
Asking Australia For Help In Investigating Russia Collusion Hoax Is Now Illegal, Say People Who Used Official US Spy Officials to Ask Australia for Help Concocting the Russia Collusion Hoax
David Marcus on Twitter: "Australia played a central role in the origins of the Mueller investigation. Why is it bad to ask for their cooperation in getting to the bottom of it?… https://t.co/NIDnqSEDu0"
Two GOP senators say Ukraine worked with DNC to undermine Trump campaign, want DOJ probe - Washington Times
Althouse: “President Trump is trying to hijack this election. We cannot let him get away with it.”
Dan Bongino calls the Russia investigation the biggest political scandal of our time | Fox News
John Brennan Engages In Sedition On Twitter - Gets Called Out For His Own Treason - The Washington Standard
EBL: Coup d'Trump 🤜
The long knives come out for The Hill's John Solomon
In The Mailbox: 09.30.19 : The Other McCain
Smart Move – Flynn Lawyer Tells Judge Motive Behind Why Flynn Took Guilty Plea… | The Last Refuge
Senator Lindsey Graham on Spygate: “I Know We’re Going To Find Out About That in Two Weeks”… | The Last Refuge
BREAKING: Australian Government Releases May 28th Letter Destroying New York Times Narrative… | The Last Refuge
FLASHBACK Chopper Presser May 24, 2019 – President Trump: “I hope Barr looks at the UK, and I hope he looks at Australia, and I hope he looks at Ukraine”… | The Last Refuge
Lawfare (Via WaPo) Enters Narrative Construction – Bill Barr Working With Foreign Governments on 2016 Election Investigation… | The Last Refuge

The Whistleblower
GOP Shows Russian Trolls How It’s Done With Trump Inspector General Whistleblower Smear
Brennan Calls on Unlimited Number of Deep State Spies to Use New, Secretly Altered Whistleblower Complaint Form to 'Report Trump'
Gossip-Ridden 'Whistleblower' Complaint Follows Steele Dossier Template
Whistleblower’s Claim That Senior State Dept. Official Was on Trump–Ukraine Call Inaccurate: Report
Lindsey Graham: "Why Did They Change The Rules" Allowing Whistleblowers To Cite Hearsay? "This Thing Stinks" | Video | RealClearPolitics
Scott Pelley Leads 60 Minutes Impeachment Coverage With Lie: “Whistleblower Under Federal Protection”… | The Last Refuge
Did The Inspector General Help The ‘Whistleblower’ Try To Frame Trump?
"Resistance by Whistleblower" Was Part Of The Anti-Trump Plan From The Start
Joy Behar: Remember Linda Tripp? 'Irrelevant' If Whistleblower Is a Partisan!
Lindsey Graham: "We're not going to try the president of the United States based on hearsay"
Schiff May Have Oversold Whistleblower's Testimony - Victory Girls Blog
ICIG Michael Atkinson Attempts Four-Page Justification for Changing “Urgent Concern” Whistle-blower Guidelines… | The Last Refuge


Hunter Biden: The Most Comprehensive Timeline | National Review
Patterico's Pontifications » So Was Shokin Still Investigating Biden When He Was Fired, Or Not?
Ace of Spades HQ NeverTrump Love Object Jake Tapper: Stop Saying The Spectacularly Corrupt Hunter Biden Used His Name to Enrich Himself, Jim Jordan, Or I'll Attack You With Perkins-Coie's Smear of You
Ace of Spades HQ The Morning Rant
'Well, Son of a Bitch' : Ukraine Scandal Is About Biden
Gregg Jarrett: Ukraine is just the latest ploy in 'witch hunt' to drive Trump from White House | Fox News
Holy Cats – CBS Margaret Brennan Embarrassed Herself During Meltdown Debate With Rudy Giuliani Over Ukraine… | The Last Refuge
He Continues – Rudy Giuliani Wrecks ABC’s Narrative Engineer George Stephanopoulos… | The Last Refuge
Instapundit » Blog Archive » JAMES FREEMAN: Hillary Clinton and Ukraine: A letter released Monday raises questions beyond the B…
Instapundit » Blog Archive » BREAKING: CHIEF LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL WORKS TO ENFORCE LAW: Attorney General Barr Personally As…
Joe diGenova: Fox News's report about me working on the Ukraine matter "off the books" was absolutely false
Rudy Giuliani Continues to Outline Biden Corruption and The “Compliant Crooked” Media… | The Last Refuge


Now Schiff wants all of Trump's calls with Putin
Republicans Begin Impeachment Investigation... | Ricochet
FLASHBACK: New York Times Opposed Impeachment Threats When They Thought Hillary Would Win | Trending
This stinks: A biased press is mauling Trump's TV defenders
Liz Peek: Democrats toss Biden aside in zeal to impeach — ensuring Trump's reelection | Fox News
Democrats see impeachment as landmine for Republican Senate - POLITICO
Impeach Clinton? Impeach Trump? What lawmakers said then, what they say now
Mukasey Op-ed Should Strike Fear in Democrats | Roger L. Simon
The Democrats Aren’t Wrong About Impeachment | Power Line
Trump & Ukraine: Why Trump Did Nothing Wrong in His Call with Zelensky | National Review
Why Nancy Pelosi Now Supports Impeachment Even Though It’s Insane
In Trump impeachment, 'no one is above the law' could backfire on Democrats
Adam Schiff's collusion with oligarch, Ukrainian arms dealer, exposed
Hey Democrats, Impeach This!
Impeachment? Bring it on. Trump can put the Dems on trial in the Senate
wretchardthecat on Twitter: "If politicians sincerely want to step back from the brink, now's the time. Otherwise your actions will at some point unleash a runaway train."
WaPo: Talk we must about the President Pelosi impeachment scenario
The U.S. Senate Has a Survival Interest in Supporting Impeachment Effort… | The Last Refuge

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