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Wallowing in Russiagate

Way too much for a Saturday morning. Let start with yesterday's revelation that the DOJ Review of Russia Probe Origins Is Now Criminal Investigation (Breitbart). As Roger L. Simon reports, Durham Investigation Is Criminal: a Disaster for the MSM
To those of us who have been watching this spectacle from the beginning, this was inevitable. After all, where'd the Mueller/Russia probe come from in the first place? Since there was absolutely no there there, it makes no sense that it wasn't a fraud from the outset. Who started it? Who are the treasonous/seditious culprits who conspired to overthrow an election? Well, we should soon be finding out, although we can make some educated guesses.

But we do know absolutely who collaborated in the crime, who were the accessories to and in some cases the instigators of this most heinous plot in American history.... ... the mainstream media!

They were the more than willing conduits to lies leaked to them by a long list of truly dishonest, unpatriotic Americans - some inside our intelligence agencies and no doubt some foreigners as well.
Elizabeth Vaughn at Red State,  Major Development: The Deep State Is In Deep Trouble "It looks like Trump is about to fight back. Fasten your seatbelts everybody!" Capt. Ed at Hot Air, Fox: Upcoming Horowitz Report Will Show Why Durham Probe Has Turned Into A Criminal Investigation; Update: Clapper Questions The Timing (we saw that video yesterday). Chuck Ross at Da Caller, FISA Abuse Report Is ‘Lengthy’ And Has ‘Few’ Redactions, DOJ Watchdog Tells Congress

Suncance at CTH brings us Interesting Word Choices – John Ratcliffe Discusses John Durham Criminal Investigation, and Upcoming IG Report… "So when John Ratcliffe is discussing what potential criminal activity John Durham is investigating and he says “FISA act and court“, that specific use of wording is subtle like a brick through a window to those who follow closely."

Never say Fat Jerry and Popeye Schiff don't try, Chutzpah: Jerrold Nadler, Adam Schiff Accuse Trump of Politicizing DOJ. As always, they best guide to Democrats intentions is to see what they are accusing you of. Twitchy, WASSAMATTA Senator?! Mark Warner really REALLY doesn’t want Barr investigating the 2016 election (wonder why)
Via Wombat's In The Mailbox: 10.25.19, Don Surber, has Twelve Facts About The IG Investigation "Second, we know Obama used American intelligence to spy on Donald Trump either out of pique over birtherism or more likely out of habit. I believe the latter because the spying on Donald Trump seemed so routine."

And on to the Flynn persecution matter, Ace isolates one of the great outrages in red, bold italics, James Clapper Text to Washington Post Reporter/Deep State Stenographer David Ignatius: TAKE THE KILL SHOT ON FLYNN Sundance brings Sidney Powell herself:

Fox, FBI agents manipulated Flynn file, as Clapper allegedly urged ‘kill shot’,  Nice Deb at AmGreat, Flynn Attorney Accuses Government Prosecutors of Suppressing Evidence the Defense Uncovered and John Hinderacker at Power Line, More Bombshells From the Flynn Prosecution.
The Flynn prosecution has lifted the lid on corruption at the Department of Justice and the FBI that few could have imagined. The anti-Trump FBI conducted itself in a way we might associate with a totalitarian state, not the United States of America. For the most part, the people involved have been fired in disgrace. I am no expert in criminal law, but it seems that some of what happened here–for example, the falsification of the Form 302–must be a crime. If crimes were committed, they should be prosecuted. The prosecution of General Flynn should be dismissed, and those involved in it should be, if not prosecuted, censured.
If they could railroad a guy like Gen. Flynn, how many did they railroad whose cases will never see the light of day. Julie Kelly asks Who Will Fall First: Trump or the ‘Praetorian Guard’?
The race is on to see who will survive—the duly-elected president of the United States or a modern-day Praetorian Guard comprised of former law enforcement and intelligence officials tasked with taking down that president.
while at Am Spec (where I have unfortunately used up my free views for the month, however, by switching to another browser...) George Neumayr presents The Case for Indicting John Brennan "He was a fount of criminal leaks during Spygate."
Brennan has said that the widening probe “concerns” him. It should. He is guilty as hell. The news that his subordinates are lawyering up suggests that he is perhaps hoping that one of those saps takes the fall for him. But the fact remains that he conducted the briefing with Reid in the hopes of dirtying up Trump before election day.

Durham could also nail Brennan for perjury — his most obvious whopper being his denial before Congress of knowledge of the Hillary-financed Christopher Steele dossier. Reid had told Brennan about the Steele dossier in the summer of 2016. So, too, did Steele’s old colleagues in British intelligence, whose well-publicized role in feeding Brennan information about alleged Trump–Russia ties depended at least in part on Steele’s recycled yarns. Peter Strzok, to whom Brennan gave a special CIA award, would have also alerted him to Steele’s role in Crossfire Hurricane.
At WaEx, Becket Adams thinks Worst thing about the Trump era: Journalists are doing nonstop PR for the intelligence community I disagree. The FBI, CIA and State Dept going rogue are the worst things. But having the media for air cover doesn't help. Ace reports, Clinton Crime Family Associate Sydney Blumenthal Attempted to Stop Publication of Lee Smith's Book Exposing RussiaGate
"Hillary Clinton's Master of Whispers, her chief conspiracy theorist, doesn't like his handiwork being exposed."

Well, what is he, a buffoon or an evil genius. Make up your minds! Insty: OFF SCRIPT: Joe Biden Apologizes for ‘Lynching’ Comment in 1998: ‘Trump on the Other Hand Chose His Words Deliberately.’
Biden forgot to stick to the script that Trump is a blowhard who always speaks without thinking.

But any narrative in a storm, I suppose.
Sundance refloat his idea that Maria Butina was managed inderectly by the FBI to get FISA warrants on Republicans. FISA Virus Maria Butina Released from Federal Prison for Immediate Deportation….
In essence, these rank-and-file FBI agents were asking Patrick Byrne to be a civilian handler of a Russian national, and instructing him to carry out a covert counterintelligence operation. The FBI agents were apologetic about asking a civilian to take on such a role. Conducting FISA-702(16)(17) database searches and electronic surveillance on U.S. persons who would meet with Butina would be justifiable and legal.
Also, Battle Lines Clearly Drawn – Federal Judge Beryl Howell Grants House Judiciary Committee Access to Mueller Grand Jury Material…
There’s a clear set of battle lines now evident amid the ongoing political and legal dynamic: Nadler, Pelosi, Lawfare and the Deep State media -VS- Durham, Barr, Trump and the MAGA movement.

Playing directly into this dynamic today Obama appointed Judge Beryl Howell has ruled (full pdf below) an impeachment by unilateral decree is constitutionally valid; and as an outcome House Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler can have access to some of the Mueller grand jury material that was used as evidence in the “Mueller-Weissmann Report”.

It’s important to note Judge Howell granted access to only that grand jury material that was used in the Mueller Report, not a blanket authority to gain all witness testimony or grand jury material writ large. However, having said that, the most troubling part of the decision is the background construct of the Weissmann team’s original objective.

From the outset; from the moment they started; from day number one; Weissmann, Lawfare and crew (Mueller was a special counsel figurehead only) always intended for the grand jury material to be handed to Chairman Jerry Nadler for the specific purposes of writing articles of impeachment. This is absolutely critical to remember.

The originating goal was to use the special counsel investigation to assemble evidence of obstruction. Then to frame the assembly of all evidence toward the future goal of writing articles of impeachment. This was the sole purpose of their coordination with Lawfare.
And now, off to Ukraine, for the further adventures of father and son grifter team Joe and Hunter Biden. Ace, Hunter Biden Provided "Legal Advice" to a Romanian Charged With Real Estate Fraud at, Get This, the Exact Same Time Joe Biden Was Making Quid Pro Quo Deals About Legal "Reforms" in Romania "I believe they call this a Vertically Integrated Consortium and/or Racketeering and Corrupt Enterprise."and  One of Biden's Biggest Defenders Is the Atlantic Council, Which Was Paid $250,000 By Hunter Biden's Firm Burisma in 2018 Alone; CNN Does an Oopsie and "Forgets" To Note This In Interview
No legitimate basis for looking into any of these "conspiracy theories," said the people who broke America forever with a three year disinformation campaign of conspiracy theories fed partly by players in Ukraine.
WaEx, Revealed: Joe Biden twice used his position as senator to intervene to boost son Hunter's lobbying. Victory Girls, Joe Lied About Helping Hunter’s Interests. Mark Twain, There is no distinctly American criminal class - except Congress.

The American Spectator, Impeachment Misfire: William Taylor’s Smokeless Gun . Breitbart, Gordon Sondland Says William Taylor’s Most Damning Testimony Never Happened. The State Department's War on Trump by Betsy McCaughey, Creators.
House Democrats are grilling a stream of disgruntled career diplomats in a basement hearing room of the Capitol. The hearings are supposed to be secret, but — no surprise — Democrats leak snippets of the testimony daily. They're hoping it will add up to a case for impeaching President Donald Trump.

So far, all the testimony actually proves is that these State Department diplomats think they — not President Trump — ought to be running the nation's foreign policy.
. . .
William Taylor, acting Ukrainian ambassador who testified Tuesday, seethed with indignation that Trump went "outside regular State Department channels."

Trump's chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, described what's happening: "A group of mostly career bureaucrats" refuse to accept that "elections have consequences. And foreign policy is going to change from the Obama administration to the Trump administration."
S. Noble describes how the NY Times Wrote an Entire Fake Article About Ukraine ‘Scandal’
The New York Times alleged in a false news article that “Ukraine Knew of Aid Freeze by August, Undermining Trump Defense.”

The Trump-Zelensky phone call was made the end of July. There goes another NYT lie.

The August info didn’t undermine anything. It backed up the President.

The NYT wrote, “In fact, word of the aid freeze had gotten to high-level Ukrainian officials by the first week in August, according to interviews and documents obtained by The New York Times.”

That is irrelevant since the call took place on July 25th.
AllahPundit happily reports, Bolton Negotiating With House Dems To Testify On Ukraine
For extra drama, maybe Bolton will finally reveal in that same issue that he’s the “Anonymous” who was working for the Resistance inside Trump’s administration the whole time.
And a boatload of random impeachment articles, which are largely irrelevant until more actually happens:

Senate to Vote on Calling Pelosi's Impeachment Inquiry 'Illegitimate'
Elusive Republican Backbone Finally Spotted in Washington, D.C.
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Jim Jordan Accuses Adam Schiff of Icing Republicans Out of Weekend Deposition
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Graham: We've got 46 U.S. senators right now willing to condemn the House impeachment inquiry as unfair; Update: Now 50
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Rep. Gaetz calls Democrats an ‘angry pack of rabid hyenas’ | One America News Network
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