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An Abundance of Russiagate

Hillary has been hitting the 'shrooms again. Via the Wombats In The Mailbox: 10.18.19, Weasel Zippers: State Department Finishes Clinton E-Mail Review, Finds Over 600 Security Violations, also, Tulsi Gabbard Wrecks Hillary For Calling Her A Russian Asset. Doing the last one first, Da Beast, Hillary Clinton Appears to Claim Russians ‘Grooming’ Tulsi Gabbard to Run as Third-Party Candidate. And Evan Mullin agrees!
We dodged a bullet there, too. Twitchy: Tulsi Gabbard Responds To Hillary’s “Russian Asset” Accusation, And It’s AMAZING:


Althouse, "Hillary Clinton has warned that Russia, which interfered in the US election she lost in 2016, is 'grooming' a Democratic candidate for a third-party run next year..."
Is she just making this up? She thinks the Russians have a favorite and they have "ways of supporting her"? They have ways of supporting her but are they using these ways? The "so far" at the end insinuates that they are already using these ways, but maybe it only means that so far they have ways and of course they have "sites and bots" and Hillary "thinks" they can use them and if they did, they'd use them for Tulsi. If Trump came out with a theory like this, he'd be portrayed as a conspiracy-theory lunatic.
Robby Soave at Reason,
But Clinton makes clear throughout the Plouffe interview that she is incapable of recognizing honest disagreement. Everyone who opposes her or the mainstream Democratic candidates is, in her view, doing so for illegitimate or conspiratorial reasons. Trump gets along with Putin because Russia has something on him, "personal or financial," Clinton said. Indeed, she even suggested that Trump's decision to pull out of Syria might have been a favor to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in exchange for Turkish assistance with Trump's re-election.
Matt Vespa at Town Hall, Liberal Reporter Wrecks Hillary Clinton's Unhinged 2020 Russian Conspiracy Claim
Okay, so tinfoil hat sales have certainly gone up for those in Clinton’s orbit. I’m one for defending Democrats, but this is trash. There’s no evidence of this and it just shows that even after a book tour, the former first lady and the two-time presidential loser cannot let the 2016 election go. She cannot let the Russians go. It’s sad. Hillary has had a long career in public life. She’s rich. She’s famous. She can retire and leave all of us alone, but nope. She has to peddle Russian collusion 2.0 conspiracy theories that make her look crazy. What we do know is that Gabbard won’t go third party. Liberal reporter Michael Tracey, who was skeptical of the Russian collusion myth from day one, torched the Clinton-ite sect of America for peddling this whacko theory, noting that anyone who is seen as an insurgent or “inconvenient” to the party is now a default Russian spy. Trump truly has broken many left-wing minds in America.
Seth Mandel, NYPo, gets Inside Hillary Clinton’s tinfoil-hat brigade and finds Sid "the shiv" Blumenthal. But is there a method to the madness, is she trying to drown out the reports that State Department finds violations by 38 people in Clinton emails review (Daniel Chaitin, WaEx). Lock her up!
The State Department identified nearly 600 security violations in its now-completed review of email records of dozens of former agency officials and aides to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The investigation, which covered the 33,000 emails Clinton provided for review, found 91 "valid violations" attributable to 38 individuals, some of whom may face disciplinary action. Another 497 violations could not be tied to any specific person.
At the WaT, AG Barr's special Russia investigator obtained BlackBerrys tied to launch of FBI Russia-Trump probe
It was special investigator John Durham who acquired two BlackBerrys used by Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor who jumped-started the FBI’s long Russia probe into President Trump’s campaign.

Sidney Powell, attorney for retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, filed a court motion on Monday disclosing the phones’ existence while tying them to Western intelligence.

She told The Washington Times on Thursday that she has confirmed that it was Mr. Durham’s office who obtained them.

Attorney General William P. Barr assigned Mr. Durham, the U.S. attorney for Connecticut, the mission of finding out the origins of the FBI’s counter-intelligence investigation known as Crossfire Hurricane. She told The Times that a “source,” whom she declined to identify, told her about the BlackBerrys.
Margot Cleveland at Da Fed explains Why It Matters That Sidney Powell Wants Data From Joseph Mifsud’s Smartphones. The best article I've seen on this so far, and explains the link between Michael Flynn and the Mysterious Mr. Mifsud.
Powell’s revelation that the government has Mifsud’s two Blackberries goes deeper, too: It connects to the shocker Powell shared in a previous court filing—that Mifsud attended the Russia Today dinner in Moscow on December 17, 2015, where Flynn was photographed with Vladimir Putin. That dinner marks a second connection between Trump campaign folks and Mifsud, with Papadopoulos as the other.

In her motion, Powell suggests Mifsud had been tasked against Flynn, seeking, along with other agents, to arrange “—unbeknownst to him—‘connections’ with certain Russians that they would then use against him in their false claims.” But Powell is handicapped in making this argument, because the prosecution refused to turn over much of the evidence she seeks to defend her client.

Federal prosecutors have not said no to providing Mifsud’s smartphone data, at least not yet. Instead, in response to Powell’s request for the data, the government told her that “if we determine that they contain information that is discoverable or that is relevant to sentencing, we will produce them to you.”
I guess it's no surprise that according to Rasmussen 51% of Voters Suspect High-Level Crimes to Stop Trump Presidency (Breitbart). As Insty notes, THE OTHER 49% ARE SLOW LEARNERS:

Bacon Time, Horowitz IG Report: My Greatest Fear
My greatest fear?

The report will document what most of us have “known” or suspected about the gross abuses concerning the FISA court and the illegal spying on American citizens.

BUT !!

Then the Hillary Rule gets applied.

Disgraced human being James Comey in 2016 laid out an airtight criminal case against Hillary Clinton, but we were told that Hillary didn’t mean to break any laws, so no prosecution (or accountability).

Same with the FISA report. There will be clear evidence that many people lied to the FISA court and the abuses will be obvious and very clear, but again, “no one meant to break the law.”

I can already hear the Democrat meme: “Mistakes were made, we need to move on.”

If people don’t go to jail for this, the Republic is dead.
Ace, in Open Thread:
Adam Schiff previously said that it was imperative that we have testimony from one of his fake whistleblowers.

Then the news broke that he was meeting with and coordinating with these fake whistleblowers.

Now he says it would be a terrible, terrible thing to make this patriot testify. What a surprise.
Schiff caught tampering with another witness by Monica Showalter, AmGreat. Don't think of them as witnesses, think of them as actors, practicing their lines.Elizabeth Vaughn, Red State,  Another Major Clue: Documents Reveal Schiff Staffer Met With Key Impeachment Inquiry Witness On August Ukraine Trip. and  The Real Foreign Collusion Occurred Between Pro-Clinton Ukrainians And The DNC. What a shock! John Solomon, on Da Hill, Ukrainian Embassy confirms DNC contractor solicited Trump dirt in 2016. For a clue as to what the Democrats have done, look at their accusations.

Tyler O'Neil, PJ Media, Sondland Testifies: No Quid Pro Quo in Ukraine Call, Trump Policy. Adam didn't approve of that either.   NYPo Editorial Board, Quid pro nothing: Trump accusers don’t care about the facts, especially when they are inconvenient. 
Everyone who already thought the case for President Trump’s impeachment was a slam-dunk went berserk Thursday, claiming that acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney had just admitted to a quid pro quo with Ukraine.

Except that what Mulvaney “admitted” is that the administration was doing what it should — pushing a foreign government to cooperate in getting to the bottom of foreign interference in the 2016 campaign.
Da Caller, ‘Fun Times In Beijing’: Hunter Biden Received $700,000 From Company That Held Stake In Chinese Investment Firm.  Capt. Ed at Hot Air, Breaking: Impeachment Witness Says He Tried To Warn About Ukraine Influence — With Biden It's too late to impeach him, but we could put an asterisk by his name.
In their attempt to prove that Donald Trump tried to strongarm Ukraine into digging up dirt on Joe Biden, House Democrats dug some up on their own. The Washington Post reports that a career State Department officer tried to warn officials in the Obama administration about the conflict of interest that Hunter Biden’s work created in Ukraine and with efforts to target corruption. When those warnings reached the Vice President’s office in early 2015, Biden’s team shut them down
. . .
House Democrats stepped onto a land mine with Kent. They may step a little more carefully after this, but it raises questions about what kind of witnesses Senate Republicans might call when the trial begins after impeachment — or maybe if after this. George Kent’s little bombshell should have Nancy Pelosi reconsidering whether the alea has truly been iacta’d, and just how much she’s willing to expose the previous administration’s own peccadilloes in their fervor to get revenge over the 2016 election.
Fox News, Jason Chaffetz: Pelosi and impeachment – There have already been 3 votes. Here's why there may not be a fourth
Speaker Pelosi isn't refusing to hold a vote on impeachment. She is refusing to hold a fourth vote on impeachment. There have already been three votes. They all failed. Miserably.

In other words, Congress has explicitly voted NOT to pursue impeachment.

In December 2017, January 2018, and again in July 2019 under Pelosi's leadership, the House held votes on whether to open an impeachment inquiry. The results weren't even close. . . .

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