Thursday, October 17, 2019

Balloons Banned in Boston?

As well as the rest of Massachusetts? Massachusetts Lawmakers Consider Banning Balloons
Tuesday, Massachusetts lawmakers debated a bill that would prohibit the sale and use of balloons, violation of which would be punishable by fine. Citing potential harm to animals and the environment, proponents of the bill were countered by lawmakers who mentioned such a rule might be harmful to business as well.

Reports have yet to mention how government’s most persistent and pervasive function is a joy-killer, a regular grinch and scourge on fun and childhood.

Boston’s CBS affiliate has more:
State lawmakers are considering a bill to ban the sale and use of all balloons in Massachusetts.
“The sale, distribution and release of any type of balloon, including, but not limited to, plastic, latex or mylar, filled with any type of lighter than air gas, both for public or private use, is hereby prohibited,” the bill sponsored by Rep. Sarah Peake, D-Provincetown, states. Violators would be fined up to $100.
A hearing was held on the proposal Tuesday.
According to, supporters of the bill say balloons can be deadly for animals and bad for the environment. But opponents said the proposed measure would hurt businesses.
Earlier this year, the town of Orleans debated a balloon ban. Chatham, Nantucket and Block Island have already enacted balloon bans.
Government, basically:

I have a little more sympathy for this ban than I have for attempts to ban straws, but it seems to me that education would be a better use of resources. In Maryland, Queen Ann County has voted to ban balloon releases: Maryland county bans release of harmful helium balloons, and in Virginia,  a lawmaker has proposed a ban on releasing balloons into atmosphere. But these are bans on releases, not just sale and distribution, which more directly gets to the source of the problem.

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