Sunday, December 2, 2018

More DIY Russiagate

Ivanka Trump, do you think I'd post a
picture of Adam Schiff?
Something to paw through while I'm out fishing:

New Details Suggest FBI Used Fake Pretexts To Start Investigating Trump

Bongino points out Rosenstein, Mueller both ‘knee-deep’ after Uranium One whistle-blower raid Conservative News Today

Mueller’s Trump Investigation Plan: Report Not a Criminal Case | National Review

Alan Dershowitz: 'Essential' for DOJ to withhold Mueller report until Trump can rebut it

Mueller Probing Ivanka Trump, Don Jr.'s Roles in Trump Tower Moscow

Trump Organization offered Putin $50M penthouse in Trump Tower Moscow in 2016

Adam Schiff: We're going to investigate the Trump Org's plan to give Putin a $50 million apartment
FAIL! Rep. Eric Swalwell tries to dunk on Donald Trump Jr. about ‘the truth’ & falls flat on his face instead –

Opinion | Scent of the Russians - The New York Times

Comey Lawyers Tell Federal Judge: “Here’s your opportunity, judge, to make some law”… | The Last Refuge

Cohen filing: Kept in "close and regular contact" with WH, Trump lawyers while writing false testimony

Michael Cohen says he bravely turned on Trump so doesn't deserve jail time - Hot Air

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