Thursday, December 27, 2018

Reign of Pain Update - Day 6 of Partial Federal Vacation

Today is the sixth day of the government shutdown. The first four days were scheduled days off. The first two were Saturday and Sunday, followed by Christmas Eve, which President Trump decreed as a day off for federal workers, and Christmas.

On Wednesday morning -- barely three hours into the first actual workday in the shutdown by Congress -- Politico reported, "Federal workforce starts to feel pinch of prolonged shutdown."

If federal workers cannot last a single day under these circumstances, maybe we should replace them with adults.
. . .
Only six of the first 16 days in this shutdown are workdays. The rest are three weekends, two federal holidays, and two days off from the president.

If the federal government is so important that it cannot be shutdown for a single day, why are we giving employees 10 days off in 16 days?
I'll bet the 70% of Federal workers who are not being given paid leave for the "shutdown" are jealous. I would be.

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