Saturday, December 29, 2018

Don't Worry Folks They Still Have a Couple of Days

To beat these: The Top 10 Rake-Stepping Fake News Stories The Liberal Media Trafficked In 2018 from Town Hall and The Most (32) Egregious Fake News Stories Of 2018 from the Daily Caller:

1. WaPo Blames Border Patrol for Death of 7-Year-Old Migrant
The Washington Post published a story in December focusing on a 7-year-old migrant child from Guatemala who died in border patrol custody.

Despite WaPo’s misleading headline suggesting border patrol was to blame for the girl’s death, the full timeline of events and statements from the girl’s father praising border agents revealed a different story.
2. CNN and The Hill Spread Retracted Sexual Assault Claim Against Kavanaugh
CNN and The Hill both reported on a sexual assault claim against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in late September without ever mentioning that the claim had been quickly retracted.

Jeffrey Catalan apologized for making a “mistake” in leveling the false claim against Kavanaugh, but CNN and The Hill’s initial reports on the claim failed to note the retraction. The Hill later retracted a tweet bolstering the claim and CNN updated its misleading report.
and so on (there is some overlap between the lists).

And for best in show, we must surely go with Claas Relotius (doesn't that sound like a name out of a Monty Python skit?), the German "reporter" for Der Speigel who was caught in a sea of embellishments after inhabitants of a small town actually read the story he wrote about the small Trump-supporting town in Minnesota, and noticed quite a few details, that, to put it nicely, just weren't so. Der Spiegel suspends two senior editors after fake news scandal:
Influential German news weekly Der Spiegel said it has suspended two senior editors following the scandal involving a reporter who admitted faking stories for years.

The company said the contracts of Ullrich Fichtner, an editor in chief, and Matthias Geyer, a chief editor, had been suspended. The suspension "will remain until the (magazine's) internal commission has completed its investigation into the affair," the editor in chief Steffen Klusmann said in an internal letter.

Earlier this month, Der Spiegel stunned the media world by revealing that one of its award-winning reporters had falsified stories for years. Claas Relotius, 33, resigned this month after admitting he had made up stories and invented protagonists in more than a dozen articles in the magazine's print and online editions.
. . .
Der Spiegel said last weekend that a criminal complaint would be filed against Mr Relotius after it emerged he may also have embezzled donations intended for Syrian street children.
Stealing from homeless orphans? That's low even for media. 

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