Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Obligatory Judge Roy Moore Post

I don't know whether Judge Roy Moore accosted a 14 year old girl in a parking lot or not, and it seems likely that no one knows except Moore and the woman in question. That being said, I suppose we will mostly line up on the usual sides, conservatives at least holding out hope for his "innocence" (at the very least, he liked to date teenage girls while in his 30s).

Could the charges be bogus? Sure, from the Duke lacrosse team rape allegations, to the Rolling Stone's rape story, bogus charges are a news staple by now. One simply cannot assume that women will not lie about sexual harassment and rape. Ask Smitty how that works. But would a supposedly reputable news organization like the Washington Post pay a woman to lie about Moore?

After the Fusion GPS information that has come to light, it's not even necessary to conclude that. It could easily by a set up by a Democratic operative, to find a willing liar, pay her for her statements, and provide an introduction to the media. It's what they are; it's what they do.

So, in the absence of convincing evidence one way or another, I'm glad I don't have the obligation to vote in Alabama's senatorial election.

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  1. I do and I will; Roy's still the better alternative