Sunday, November 19, 2017

Stolen Fossils Worth $2,000?

$2K of shark teeth, fossils stolen from Southern Md. home
A collection of shark teeth and fossils valued at $2,000 have been stolen from a Calvert County home, police say.

Investigators say the fossils were collected over the years and were taken during a burglary in Chesapeake Beach on Nov. 10.

According to police, a suspect broke the basement door and moved several items in the home around before taking the teeth and fossils.
I would like to think that $2000 worth would either be a lot of teeth, or some very good ones, but even large Megalodon teeth can sell for less than $100.  I once saw random small worn and broken shark's teeth from Chesapeake Bay being sold at a rock shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for $2 each. At that price, we have a small fortune in fossils, mostly stored in jars by years. Getting over 1,000 teeth in a year is our average, and we've been at this a long time, if in a non-serious way. If only we got paid minimum wage for all the time we spent looking for them.

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