Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Reason #5770 That Trump Was Elected

Upon election last November 8, President Trump did something none of his predecessors did. He began his presidency the very next day.

From high atop Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, Trump held court with businessmen, celebrities, and the prime minister of Japan.

The stock market soared. The economy rebounded because after eight years of Marxism, capitalism was back, baby, and kicking down the door.

K Street is dead.

Long live Main Street.
. . .
Obamacare requires congressional action.

The Senate dragged its hoofs in approving his Cabinet choices which meant Cabinet officers were not available to appoint people.

The Wall is under way as contractors just completed their demonstration projects.

But President Trump's policies are being implemented. His administration already repealed 1,000 regulations. McArdle may dismiss this as "some regulations have been eased," but this is what has driven the stock market to climb 20%-plus since the morning after the election.

One would think that a business news organization would know this, but news organizations stopped caring about the quality of their product at least a generation ago.

President Trump was well prepared for the job. He's been a CEO for 45 years. Contrast that to being president of a choom club, and a law review.

The world changed for the better on November 8, 2016.

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