Thursday, February 2, 2017

Reason #5419 Trump Was Elected

A Facebook message from my nephew Karl, a student at UC Berserkly, who attended, or tried to attend Yiannopoulos talk there yesterday:
Leaving the mob, and the lovely gentleman in the video that I posted had rallied a gang of people to attack someone else. Trying to help the guy being attacked made him recognize me from when he yelled at me earlier. Three or four of us were chased 4-5 blocks by a bunch of mask-wearing thugs holding sticks and baseball bats. I got out unscathed but one of the others had been hit several times by the degenerates. That's it for me today.

Please visit again, Milo. Maybe one day my school will be mature enough to once again become a host of intellectual debate.
I guess they just believe that speech is free for them, and somewhat less for others. You are free to agree with them.

More on the Berkeley riots at Milo at Berkeley -- Looking for Mr. Good Anarchist
Most cable news shows Wednesday night -- at least those out here on the Left Coast -- featured live coverage of the demonstration against Breitbart columnist Milo Yiannopoulos' planned speech at Berkeley for its student Republican club. The more violent demonstrators, wearing the requisite black masks while breaking the usual windows and setting the usual fires, characterized themselves, not surprisingly, as anarchists. They even so informed the San Francisco Chronicle.
“The cops shot me with pepper balls,” said the 26-year-old man who called himself Zombie. “It hurt”
Carrying a thick black shield and wearing a milk-soaked kerchief over his face, Zombie said he is one of “hundreds” of black bloc activists who were behind the breach of metal barriers.
“We’re anarchists,” he said as fellow protesters unfurled a banner reading “This is war,”
Ah, anarchists. How romantic. Smash the state and all that.
But wait....Isn't Milo Yiannopoulos -- the man they were so vehemently protesting -- something of a libertarian and therefore vastly more of an anarchist than, say, Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Brown, Bill de Blasio etc, etc., all of whom are stone -- to use the aging parlance -- statists? Even Donald Trump -- that American Schicklgruber in a fright wig -- is considerably more anarchistic than they are, already rolling back regulations willy-nilly. And he's just getting started.

But no matter. It's not about anarchism-anarchism. It's about...What?
"Free" taxpayer subsidized student loans, and health care.


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