Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Double Bay Day

 I started of the morning with a fishing trip with Ron (One Fish). After a horrible afternoon yesterday, we decided to try the morning bite, leaving Flag Harbor for "Location X" right at sunrise.  It was pretty good sunrise. The weather today has been mild, up in the 60s and not windy.
Passing the older section of Long Beach, lit up by the sunrise.
Even leaving at sunrise, there were 6 other boats there when we arrived. We managed a few good fish, including one over 30 inches before the bite fizzled. Lesson learned; arrive before sunrise.
A few of the many birds hanging along the shorelines these days, Oldsquaw, and some small grebe, most likely a Horned Grebe.
We gave up fishing around 10, and after a second breakfast, Georgia, Corwin, Skye and I headed off to the beach.
 A bird getting onto the "posing post".
Despite a high tide, we made it past the brush and logs on the narrow part of the cliffs.
 Only one eagle sighting.
There were four swans up in the shallows by Western Shores. Most probably Tundra or Whistling Swans (the same thing), but we couldn't rule out the possibility of the much rarer Trumpeter Swan, which was recently spotted up near Annapolis.
We also found some beach stuff, glass, beach lace, and 25 shark's teeth, including this small but nearly perfect "Mako" (actually a White Shark, Cosmopolitodus (Carcharodon) hastalis) tooth.

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