Saturday, February 4, 2017

Anne Marie Gardens and Flag Ponds Park

Georgia decided we needed some cultural experiences today, so in the late morning Georgia, Corwin, Skye and I trundled off to Anne Marie Gardens down near Solomons to walk Skye in the sculpture garden and visit the indoor craft fair. Skye had to go back to the car for that.
Last night dropped to 24 here, and while the morning was bright and sunny it stayed pretty chilly all day.
Francis Koenig, the founder and main donor for Anne Marie Garden, named after his wife, used to keep a catboat down at Flag Harbor, a few slips from mine. He was a crusty old guy.
One of the bronze sculptures from the "Women's garden."

After this, we stopped at The Frying Pan for a lunch of classic Maryland fried food. I had an oyster sandwich. Excellent. An old style diner, The Frying Pan is an institution in Calvert County; it was old and renowned when we arrived over 30 years ago.
After lunch we decided to work off a few of the extra calories with a stop at Flag Ponds Nature Park. Located south of Flag Harbor, and just north of Calvert Cliffs, it is a Calvert County park, that costs $5 a car load. It has trails through the ponds it is named after, which were formed in a hurricane in the 1930s. In addition, it features a wide and wild beach on the Chesapeake Bay, one of the few public beaches in the Southern Maryland area.

I even found a couple of teeth.

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