Monday, February 13, 2017

Here We Go Again

Environmental activists are pledging a sustained campaign against a proposed pipeline beneath the Potomac River to carry natural gas from Pennsylvania to West Virginia.

Scores of demonstrators crowded a TransCanada open house Thursday in the western Maryland town of Hancock about the company's Eastern Panhandle Expansion Project.
That's a geriatric looking crowd.
Russell Mokhiber of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, told the peaceful protesters they can defeat the pipeline.

Spokesman Scott Castleman says the 3.4-mile project would connect a TransCanada pipeline in Pennsylvania to a Mountaineer Gas line in West Virginia by late 2018. He says a Procter & Gamble manufacturing plant under construction near Tabler Station, West Virginia, will boost demand for gas.

Opponents say a gas leak could taint a drinking-water source for 6 million people, including residents of Washington, D.C., and its suburbs.

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