Friday, February 17, 2017

Reason #5449 Trump Was Elected

One of the leaders of the media mob that spends most of it's waking hours trying to legitimize Donald Trump's presidency, had a fantodd when Donald reciprocated in his now famous hour long press conference yesterday: With One Tweet, Chuck Todd Reveals The Truth About The Mainstream Media
It’s always the people inside a bubble who think they’re the ones with an outsider’s perspective on things. The mainstream media fits this profile perfectly. The big name press continue to deny there is anything wrong with the way they do things, or the things they choose to do. NBC’s Chuck Todd, for example, is happy to blame Donald Trump for his profession’s problems and abdicate any responsibility. They all are.

Todd sent out this tweet when President Trump was going after the media during his press conference on Thursday:

The mainstream media have delegitimized themselves. Republicans and independents watched for eight long years as Todd and others of his ilk did their best to help and support the last administration; not only refusing to hold President Obama to account (the way they are imploring each other to do with Trump) but providing cover for him. The media framed Obama as the reasonable one while Republicans were just “intransigent” jerks who didn’t want Obama to succeed. They packaged and delivered his preferred message every night and all day on the cable channels.
Chuck, he didn't "delegtimize" the press; he delegitimized you. There's a difference.

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