Thursday, February 2, 2017

Now That's a Big Fish

 Early morning found me, Walleye Pete, Dan and Chad out on the water approaching "Location X", on a mission to field test the modifications to Pete's boat, a change in the seating, and the addition of a built in kerosene heater. They worked fin.
We had a brilliant sunrise . . .

. . .  And pretty decent fishing for a while. Dan caught this 30 inch fish using a lead head and a 10 inch chartreuse BKD
 And I answered with this 30 inch fish caught on a 7 inch Bass Assassin, also in chartreuse.
 Chad, however, got the fish of the day with this 46 inch monster on a 10 inch BKD in purple glitter.
The bite was basically done by 9 AM and we went back past the Cove Point Light . . .
and the Dominion Gas Dock on the way back to Solomons Island.
Look at the cranes involved in the conversion of the Gas Dock to an export facility, which mainly involves the infrastructure of liquefaction of natural gas, and a gas fired power plant to drive it, as well as a sound wall to soften the noise.

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