Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Reason #5460 Trump Was Elected

Surprise! DoJ to switch sides on Texas voter-ID lawsuit
File this under “elections have consequences.” Attorneys for a voting rights group found that the new management of the Department of Justice has a much different view of voter-ID laws than it did during the Obama administration. The DoJ informed the Campaign Legal Center today that it plans to withdraw from a lawsuit against a recent Texas voter-ID requirement, leaving them on their own:

Danielle Lang, of the Washington-based Campaign Legal Center, said the Justice Department informed plaintiffs in the case that it will be filing documents to formally drop its opposition to the Texas law. She called the decision an “extraordinary disappointment.”
“It’s a complete 360,” said Lang, the center’s deputy director of voting rights. “We can’t make heads or tails of any factual reason for the change. There has been no new evidence that’s come to light.”
The move marks a stark reversal under new Attorney General Jeff Sessions from the Obama White House, which joined a lawsuit against Texas in 2013. The Justice Department didn’t immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

Lang meant to say a complete 180, not 360, which would be to turn in a full circle to come back to the same position. Lang’s even more correct on the 180º shift than the Associated Press report indicates. The DoJ isn’t dropping out, it’s switching sides, as the Dallas Morning News reports . . .
Que the hysterics from the left about voter suppression. Yeah, the ones encouraging illegal voting.

It only applies to state laws (so far) so if California wants to pile up an even greater democratic vote by ignoring the illegal vote, they can continue to do so. Meanwhile, a state that actually wants its vote to reflect it's citizens has at least some hope.

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