Thursday, February 23, 2017

Reason #5455 Trump Was Elected

By way of Wombat-socho's "In The Mailbox: 02.22.17", this one:  Illegal Alien Freed From Custody Kills Man Weeks Later:
It’s a real banner day for those who want to harbor illegal aliens. At least in the case of the moronic mayor of New York City, the one freed there hasn’t killed anyone that we’re aware of. Yet out in Colorado, we have at least one illegal gangbanger who never should have been released that went on to kill someone recently.
An illegal immigrant who was freed from county jail in Denver despite ICE’s requests that he stay behind bars to face deportation is accused of murdering a man within weeks of being released.
Ever Valles, 19, is accused of murdering Timothy Cruz, 32, on February 7 after robbing him at a light railway station in the early hours of the morning.
The teenager had been freed by the Denver Sheriff’s Department in late December after posting $5,000 bond for theft charges.
They let him go despite requests from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to keep the gangster behind bars so that they could deport him.
They flagged him as an ‘immigration priority’ given his ties to gang activity in the city and asked to be told by the jail when it planned to release him so that they could be there waiting to take him into federal custody.
On December 20 however, a fax notifying ICE that Valles was due to be released was only sent 30 minutes before he was back on the streets.
No one at ICE saw it in time to get to the county jail to collect him, The Denver Post reports.
Valles now faces first degree robbery and murder charges along with Nathan Valdez, a 19-year-old US citizen who is also accused of killing Cruz.
He was arrested on February 8 after an anonymous tip led police to him.
On the day of the killing, officers shared surveillance footage of two masked suspects they believed shot Cruz.
Meanwhile, a new poll indicates Americans overwhelmingly oppose this sanctuary city madness, so we urge Democrats to keep supporting this madness. Their party will die that much faster.
If there's one issue above all that boosted Trump above all the other candidates, it was his stand on illegal immigration. A majority of the people don't approve of illegal immigration, and none of the candidates were willing to buck the combination of immigration activists, who want to pack the country with poor brown people on welfare for political purposes, and the business types who want them as cheaper labor than citizens. It's not opposition to immigration; it's a stand that we as a country have a right to control who enters and stays, and that there's a regular process for determining who gets to stay.

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