Saturday, February 18, 2017

Reason #5450 Trump Was Elected

The left-winger who run the colleges: California University Suspends Student Who Recorded Prog Teacher's Political Rantings. I can't say it better than Ace:
Fascism is forever descending on the right, but landing square in the middle of progressive institutions.

The student who recorded his professor's public anti-Trump, anti-Republican rant has been suspended for one semester (plus one summer semester, though few students take classes in the summer).

The suspension isn't his only penalty. He'll also have to write a Soviet-style confession and denouncement of his anti-Soviet behavior. They demand...
...that he submit a written apology to the professor, Olga Perez Stable Cox, and a three-page essay asking him to examine why he filmed Cox’s class, how he feels about his footage going viral online and his reaction to its causing "damage to Orange Coast College students, faculty and staff."
A lawyer from a pro bono outfit called Freedom X is now representing him and, I hope, suing this Soviet propaganda front out of existence.

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