Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Another Round of Joy

You might remember a month or so ago I regaled you with the story of my quadrennial colonoscopy. Well, apparently the doctor liked doing it so much, she asked back for an encore. Apparently one of the polyps she removed, while not cancerous, was disturbing enough to warrant going back and making sure it was all out.

So yesterday I began the solid food fast (drinking nothing but clear liquids, not red and no alcohol), and late in the afternoon drank the two bottles of ass blaster plus four laxative tablets,  followed by as much liquid as I could stand, and following up at 4 AM with another bottle of ass blaster and water.

The actual procedure was scheduled for 8:30, which required a 7:30 arrival, which wasn't a problem. Getting it over with is the goal.  As usual, the prep was far more trouble than the procedure, which involved an IV and lots of electrodes, followed by a short nap.

Everything checked out OK, but the Dr. wants me back in another year. Oh lovely.

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