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Can you believe a week from now it will end? I can't wait for this to get over. I don't know what I'll be doing after the election, but not this. I'm sure a lot of crap is still due to come down the pipe until then.

Facts. what are they? FBI never asked Clinton aides for all their devices. Why not? Chiefly because they were lawyers, even though they were officially State Dept. employees. And, oh look! State Dept: we found 323 more Hillary e-mails — and some are classified. Everything the SecState touches should be classified, just because you never know what information could be useful. From Ricochet,  Comey and the Classified(?) Emails: An Imperfect Guide to the PerplexedCan’t make this up: DOJ official ‘running’ Clinton email probe tried to get son a job with the Clinton campaign. Everybody running DC is one jump away from everyone else. Huma's email testimony could haunt her as FBI renews probe. Until evidence shows otherwise, I'll assume her surprise that she expressed when the emails were found there was genuine. Just Days After FBI Reopens Hillary Probe, MSNBC Laments Nominating a Dem. Under FBI Investigation. But don't let her buy any weapons.

The trials and tribulations of James Comey. LOL: Remember that time Loretta Lynch 'recused herself' from Hillary’s email probe? If you believed that. . .  Former AG Michael Mukasey: Damage from Clinton Email Scandal Will Last ‘For Decades’ The Clintons taint everything they touch. Mukasey, scholars ripped FBI Director Comey for giving Clinton a 'pass'.  Desperate Democrats need to stop lashing Comey now. He had no choice. The ONLY people to blame for this email mess are Huma, Bill and most of all Hillary. Piers Morgan? When did he grow a conscience? Flashback: Bill Clinton cheered 11th hour indictment that doomed Bush re-election. Of course he did; when did we expect politicians to choose consistency over convenience? More? 9 Times Clinton Team Praised Comey And His Neutrality. It's only neutral when it's in your favor. Hillary Clinton Email Scandal -- FBI Director Comey Didn't Create This Mess "Hillary and Her Enablers Have Made Their Bed, and Are Now Lying In It" Hillary’s Hubris, Weiner’s Porn and Comey’s Conscience - Character flaws explain this election’s unexpected plot twistsAfter another release of documents, FBI finds itself caught in a partisan fray. What, politics in the Obama era? I'm shocked, shocked. Call Hillary Clinton’s Bluff
The FBI director and the Democratic nominee are getting what they deserve. They deserve more than just a headache.

And Wikileaks continues to spew venom: Donna Brazile's debate question flap boosts 'rigged' narrative. It does. If you cheat in the small stuff that doesn't matter, who wouldn't you cheat on the big stuff? If Dems will rig a debate for Clinton, what won't they do to win? Clearly, violence is withing their scope; how about murder? Has a single Democrat condemned Donna Brazile’s actions? No, remember that when they try to stop anti-election fraud measures. WikiLeaks #PodestaEmails25 : John Podesta Compare Your Opponent to Hitler. Be fair, now, Democrats always compare their opponents to Hitler. Bret Baier uncovers why Podesta ‘dump emails’ WikiLeaks bombshell is WORSE than you thought. Proposes to "dump" the emails sooner rather than later. I guess it depends on the meaning of the word "dump." CLAUDIA ROSETT CHALKS UP ANOTHER OBAMA LEGACY: THE CLINTON EMAIL BURLESQUE. Don't forget who was nominally in charge. Presented without comment:

Alicia Machado
It's all sexism! Hillary Clinton’s Emailgate Is an Attack on Women. What, are women uniquely unable to understand the difference between classified and unclassified email? Berkeley linguistics professor says going after Hillary for her email is a "bitch hunt" — happening only because Hillary is a woman. A stupid idea, but I like the phrase. Breaking! Hillary May Have Sexually Harassed Huma Abedin. Touched her without seeking permission, in public. Burn her at the stake! Obama to American men: You sure you’re not holding Hillary to a sexist double standard? Absolutely sure. I hate her for her politics. I wasn't racism that cause me to oppose yours. Hillary Clinton Introduced By Gangster Moll and Accused Getaway Driver for a Murder Plot Alicia Machado, For Some Reason. Yep, still playing the dumb vagina card. Hillary Clinton's "fate is enmeshed... with the wanton misdeeds of the weaker sex" — the "weaker sex" being men, because men are sexually ravenous.  writes Frank Bruni. Hillary Clinton explodes on Bill 'rapist' protester. What are her other options, agree?

The Clinton corruption watch. Feel Safe? Here Are 3 Times Hillary Apparently Took Bribes From Terror Funders. Money by any name spendeth the same. Hillary’s Two Official Favors To Morocco Resulted In $28 Million For Clinton Foundation. Just another coincidence, I'm sure. FBI Surprises With Files on Clinton ’01 Pardon of Marc Rich and then Clinton camp questions FBI release of Marc Rich pardon files. It was a remarkable convergence. The Clinton presidency is going to be a miserable slog. Yep, assuming it happens. Hillary Clinton Becomes the Unsafe HandFor the Clintons, Two Investigations, One Protective Reflex. Deny, lie and delay.

And the horse race? Dems anxious over tightening race. Buyers Remorse, Democrats?  ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll has a 13 point shift from Clinton to Trump happening in a period of 10 days. The high day to day variability is why I have a hard time taking polls too seriously. Tight US election polls send shivers through financial markets. Clinton truly is the stockbrokers choice. Clinton camp insists it can't be thrown off course because no one is at the helm? "When I said that in September that the enthusiasm level for African-Americans as far as Hillary Clinton's campaign was not there, I was right." That won't help. IBD poll finds Trump's "women problems" over Oof! That's gonna smart, too. Dana Milbank is unimpressed with the claims from "Bill Clinton's Black Son." Gallup: For one of the few times all year, voters are now hearing more about Clinton than about Trump. The more you hear about either of them, the less you like them.

Poll: Public overwhelmingly thinks media is in the tank for Clinton I wonder where they could get that impression? HOW YOU KNOW HILLARY IS POLLING BADLY: David Brooks: Read Buber, Not The Polls! Nothing up his nicely pressed sleeve.

NYT: That big Russia-Trump connection story turns out to be a nothingburger. Considering how friendly the NYT has been to Russia in the past, they should be embarrassed. Clinton Plugs Another Weak Story About Trump’s Ties to Putin.  11th hour surprise: New York Times accuses Trump of following tax laws. Whodda thunk?

Via Wombat-socho's "In The Mailbox: 11.01.16"Day Of The Dead, Democrat Style, Hillary Camp Denies Damning Info Bret Baier Discovered In Podesta E-Mails; Baier Trounces Dems With Truth AgainTIME Gets Desperate, Claims It’s “Sexist” To Investigate HillaryKimberly Strassel Explains The Intimidation GameDon’t Be Fooled – Hillary Probe Now A Formal Federal Criminal InvestigationHillary’s Hidden PastCamp Clinton CollapsesFive FBI field Offices Investigating Clinton Crime FamilyHuma – “Hillary Still Not Perfect In Her Head”Comey Versus The Slow-WalkersTrump Campaign Unveils New Policy – Will Ask DOJ To Probe Anti-Israel Intimidation On College CampusesBums For HillarySeven Days Out, Even ABC Has Trump +1 Over Clinton,
Nevada Early Vote Update, Day 9 Of 14Hillary Warns Of “Another Civil War” If Trump Is Elected, FBI Knew In April Abedin Regularly Sent E-Mails (Including Classified Material) To Personal Account For Printing At Home

Wombat-socho has "Late Night With Rule 5 Sunday" and "FMJRA 2.0: As Falls Wichita…" up at The Other McCain.

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