Friday, November 11, 2016

I Think So

From Smitty at The Other McCain: Did We Just Witness A Colossal Mindfsck?

Were CNN other than a Commie Nematode Nest, they’d have the self-awareness to realize that, in addition to the Bush & Clinton dynasties, he’s also delivered smack-downs to all the cable “news” networks, the consultants, and, to some extent, our Progressive 1.1-party system.

He appeared to do this by appearing to run an anti-campaign. The same pundits who are eating crow by the murder are busy trying to come up with this or that Trumpological theory could be overlooking something that I’d put in this tweet:

Count me as one of the 20% of Trump voters who don't actually like him, but found the alternative much worse. Donald has done us a favor if he has killed off the Clinton and Bush political dynasties, but I mights suggest a stake in their hearts just to be sure.

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