Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Beach Blow Out 11/22/16

Skye bullied us into taking a walk before lunch today. Three days of strong northwest winds had generated a "blow out" tide, a full foot lower than "normal" astrological tides. Even though we arrived before high tide, there were huge areas of bay bottom exposed.
Georgia took the leash while I tried to take some pictures.
 A good look from the steps at Calvert Beach, showing the exposed sand bars.
There's still lots of fall color around. This is a maple, but we have oaks, hickories, and several other trees in various shades of yellow, orange and red.
Here's a shot down Bayview Ave. I would guess about half our leaves are down at this point, with a lot still to fall. Most of the poplars are gone, but the abundant oaks hold tight for a while longer (some until the green leave push them off the twigs in spring).
Through the yellowing Paw Paw forest behind our house, on the way home.

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